The profession, which increased the number of vacancies during a pandemic


Some occupations have experienced a large growth in jobs against the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection. The number of proposals has grown considerably despite the announcement of a business closure until the end of April, according to “Russian newspaper” with reference to specialists of the HeadHunter.

So, the number of vacancies in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, as well as security and public administration. In addition, a noticeable increase in proposals for work and home staff, as well as in the fields of construction and real estate.

In turn, the demand for office workers, including marketers, accountants, advertisers, managers and lawyers, declined.

it is Also noted that most of the suggestions associated with a remote work. In addition, a number of proposed vacancies will be relevant after it is removed the mode of isolation of the citizens.

Earlier it was reported that taxi drivers in Moscow have lost up to 50% of the income due to the coronavirus. It was reported that one of the drivers have isolated themselves, and the other continues its work.

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