The Professor estimated the possibility of infection is more dangerous COVID-19

In an interview with “Evening Moscow” the Professor expressed the opinion that the reason for the rapid spread of COVID-19 was the fight against other diseases.

He recalled that over the past 15 years has almost disappeared influenza type a and B,who whitewashed thanks to vaccinations, but in its place arose a strain of coronavirus. “Pressing the heel of one virus, we raised another in his place,” said Gundarov.

the Professor did not rule out that after overcoming the current pandemic may appear more aggressive disease than the coronavirus, which in turn was more severe than the flu.

the Total number of patients COVID-19 in Russia reached 2337 persons, 121 of them were cured. Died, 17 people is a Big part of infections are in Moscow (1613).

the representative of the world health organisation Melita Vujnović said that due to the taken measures, Russia managed to slow down the pace of the spread of coronavirus infection.

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