The oldest man in the world recognized as a UK resident

Photo: video screenshot World Records

the Briton Robert Walton recognized as the oldest man on Earth, according to “World 24”. The man, listed in the Guinness Book of records, 112 years and 1 day.

the title of the most elderly man on the planet turned to WaitOne after the death in late February, Titeca Watanabe from Japan. He was 112 years and 355 days.

the Oldest man in the world is a Japanese woman, Kane Tanaka. The woman in the beginning of 2024 celebrated its 117th birthday.

12 Feb Watanabe Titaco entered the Guinness Book of records. The man was recognized as the oldest resident in the Land.

Watanabe was born on 5 Mar 1907 in a peasant family. At the age of 20 he moved to Taiwan. There the young man spent 18 years, and then returned to Japan.

the Main secret of his longevity Watanabe called laughter. He said that “we need to forget the bad things and not get angry”.

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