Where are the motorcycles, as they once were: brutal, stylish, and without any special ingredients? Certainly not at the major manufacturers, the figures of your piece with feel-good touring bikes for leaked dawned professional young people to achieve.

You can find these machines in the Custom scene. In small workshops scattered over the whole world they built together. There, they freed the machines from the OEMs of all the bombast and makes it back to machines that are not meant for Best-Ager. Hardly anyone knows this scene as well as Chris Hunter. Two years ago, he was also the driving force behind the first volume of The Ride.

The Band combines two of the moments that don’t come together at all of the photo books. Excellent imagery and dedication to the cause. And of course, the book is not free of the cliché: A man and his machine against the Rest of the world. You have to be to succumb to the myth of the motorcycle, in order to have pleasure in the 352 pages and all the great stories of the motorcycles.

The converted Custom Bikes celebrating the Tradition of the rebels. In a world in which more and more products from aseptic production lines originate, are these Bikes still for the possessed mechanic, the individual machines or hand-picked small batches.

not to be consistently celebrated in a way only the individual Bikes, but especially the people behind them, the scene that surrounds you.

Who takes the book in Hand, understands the challenge in the introduction text. There’s Paul d’orleans and Robert make Klanten clear that the enemy is the motorcycle industry. “This mesh of thick bags with Banderas, as you drive your expensive, ugly, same old Harley Choppers, their horrible music and their Events such as the idiot list.” The introduction reads like a Manifesto of hatred on mega event such as the Harley Days.

men in the Post-Midelife crisis and the industry would have made the motorcycle ride for the young and the Cool impossible. And for the Custom made Bikes and The Ride 2nd Gear.

the Band is not sectarian. A short introduction also explains the Newbie the differences between a Café Racer, Scrambler and Dragster. Unusual for a picture book, The Ride 2nd Gear reading material for weeks, the lyrics – in English – also for the layman to read. The tape is offered in a “Rebel Edition” and a “Gentlemen’s Edition”. The only difference is the color of the cover, however, is.

The Ride 2nd Gear – New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders

Motorcycles as motorcycles are meant to be: radical, stylish, subversive, raw. The Ride 2nd Gear continues to present the latest custom bikes and the best builders on the planet.

the price of 49,90 Euro.



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