The RAID on the Department store

Crime 27/02/20 the RAID on the Department store “Youth”: the biggest Heist in the history of the USSR

as a result of this robbery was kidnapped by the largest amount in the history of Soviet police – 330 thousand rubles (in 1986 value 57 “Lada”, 250 VCRs “electronics” and 30 cooperative apartments).
the Attackers were former policemen, KGB and expelled from the ranks of the Soviet army officer.


the Biggest robbery in the history of the Soviet Union happened on 14 November 1986: outlaws near the Moscow Department store “Youth” killed two collectors, and unarmed senior police Sergeant Faith Alfimova, which happened to be at the scene. Another collector was severely wounded and lost consciousness.
the Offense has been so unprecedented that the then first Secretary of the Moscow city party Committee, Boris Yeltsin personally went to the scene. “Youth” was one of the “center” of the Moscow Department stores, there is often found a shortage, and therefore the level of revenue has always been considered solid. According to the senior investigator for particularly important cases under the Prosecutor General of the USSR ISA Kostoyev, subsequently investigate this resonant crime, then near the “Youth” gathered military and party functionaries, and just onlookers impeding the investigation. Attention to the crime of Yeltsin, already gaining political weight attached to investigate the matter of special importance.

First the facts: the persecution

In the first hours of the investigation revealed the following: the car of the state Bank went into the yard of the Department store at the end of the day. Collector Novikov made a money bag and loaded him into the car. Then to the collector “Volga” stepped two and shot collectors. When the car ran Faith Alfimova, the criminals killed her.
the Robber with the money bag rushed on the next street. It’s a waste of prikryvatl killer in a police uniform. Along the way, they came across a passer-by Viktor Kondratenko, walking her dog. Liabilities wanted to shoot him, but as he says Kondratenko, rounds in the cage was not there. Kondratenko ran after the two robbers, along the way, shouting: “Call the police!”
On the street Ryabinovaya two robbers boarded the “eight” of “Zhiguli” and disappeared. Witness Kondratenko accidentally stopped a passing crew PPSM and reported signs of criminals. A patrol car caught up with the group at one of the crossroads of Moscow streets and stopped “the Zhiguli”. The police Sergeant, not knowing about the degree of danger the suspects, just asked to show documents. One of the criminals shot from a gun wounded the Sergeant in the arm, the officer managed to fire several times by robbers. “Eight” disappeared.
Meanwhile, “Youth”, the detectives find another witness of the attack on collectors – schoolgirl who claimed that one of the attackers were in military uniform.
alerted all emergency services of Moscow found “the Zhiguli” criminals in the area of metro station “University”. Departing from prosecution, the “eight” had an accident. As it turned out later not to crash into the bus, the robbers drove onto the curb and smashed the wheel on the machine. The criminals fled in different directions – one of them hid in the yard, and the second crossed the Setun. The police behind him in the icy water is not reached.

Dead giveaway

the broken “eight” law enforcement officers found all the stolen 330 thousand rubles, overcoat police officer, cold steel and firearms. And in the cabin lay a corpse.
As explained by ISA, Kostoev, it was a former employee of “nine” (9-th administration of KGB of the USSR) captain Konstantin Golubkov, who was dismissed from the state security organs for health reasons. The car also found documents in the name of Lieutenant Eugene Zubacheva, 30-year-old former political officer of the construction battalion (in 1984, he was dismissed from the ranks of the SA for the loss of the political databaseto accommodate reduced performance and the use of official position for personal purposes; excluded from the ranks of the Communist party).
Zubacheva find, arrest, and he admitted that he is deathly afraid of 30-year-old Igor Knigina. Knigin – a former officer of militia of one of the Moscow branches. The apartment Knigin was discovered grenades, stilettos, knives, nunchucks. As told Cubachev, dead pigeons, too, were part of their gang. As it turned out later, badly wounded Golubkova, when the “Youth” threw an unnecessary “the Zhiguli” shot Knigin to get rid of a burden.


…Igor Knigina during bypass was discovered in the boiler house of the motor depot No. 76 the police deliberately worked on search of participants of this criminal group. Knigin with the arrest of a seriously wounded Sergeant’s gun and barricaded himself in the boiler room, took hostage of a fireman. Lined with police, the perpetrator committed suicide.
As the investigation revealed, the fourth member of an organized criminal group involved in the planning and implementation of attacks on the Department “Youth,” was Valery Finaev, a former colleague Knigina dismissed from the police on office discrepancy. According to ISA Kostoyev, Pinaeva expelled from the police because he beat the detainees, forcing them to admit to crimes (he is given 3 years probation). Kostoev after the arrest pretty quickly “split” Pinaeva.
it Turned out that Knigin and Finei previously been involved in the Commission of two murders – the broker-facilitator for the exchange of apartments and the militiaman Smirnov commuter train, for the purpose of obtaining that service pistol. ISA Kostoev confirmed that he shot a law enforcement officer is Knigin. For these crimes were sentenced two people: one to capital punishment, the second to 15 years in prison.
…Fineev and Zubacheva were tried by a military Tribunal. The first shot, and Zubacheva got 15 years of a strict mode.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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