William SIDIS: Russian immigrant who became the most intelligent man in history

Biography 27/02/20 William SIDIS: Russian immigrant who became the smartest person in the history

His parents moved to the United States from the Russian Empire, invented for his son’s unique method of teaching. William James SIDIS of (SIDIS) is called the smartest man in history, but, paradoxically, nothing particularly outstanding to mankind, he did not.

the Origin and education

William SIDIS was born in 1898 in the family of Boris SIDIS, who came to America from “the capital of the pale of settlement” of the city of Berdychiv (now in Ukraine). He was a disciple of the philosopher William James, engaged in psychology at Harvard University, and in the scientific community earned the nickname “Russian revolutionary”. His son Boris SIDIS was named in honor of a teacher and had a baby “Guinea pig” for testing new teaching methods. However, there is evidence that Boris was a child was a Prodigy.

for the Sake of the upbringing of William, his mother Sarah left a career of a doctor. The boy did not play with other children and not listening to fairy tales. Instead, it from an early age by the method of the father in huge volumes memorizing abstract information. “A child is never too young to study” thought Boris SIDIS. Father is a psychologist to begin with, that was showing the baby wooden cubes with letters, entering it in a state of hypnosis. Almost all the family’s savings went to the purchase of books and educational materials for William.

the Results were stunning. At seven months the baby knew many words and could repeat the letters. At 18 months he was reading the newspaper “new York times” and knew how to write. And in seven years spoke seven languages (including Russian) and for six months had mastered the entire ten-year school curriculum. At age 11 William SIDIS became the youngest student in history, enrolling in the University, where his father worked. According to some, the IQ of Sides was equal to 250-300 points is higher than anyone of the people toever lived on the planet. He knew from 40 to 200 languages and even invented his own.

Adult Prodigy

unlike many other “child geniuses”, Sides not lost its abilities and became an ordinary man. However, his lifestyle was not normal — having a lot of potential, William did not seek to make a brilliant career. Perhaps due to the fact that his overbearing father is “overzealous”, depriving the son of the joys of childhood (later, when Boris SIDIS died, William did not even come to the funeral).

the Problem became apparent as early as the period of study at Harvard. Reading in 1910 to adult students a lecture on four-dimensional bodies, the boy screamed and stayed in bed, being in a “nervous prostration”. Emotional state attracted everyone’s attention Prodigy blew and the press. Over the 16-year-old William began to scoff at Harvard, when the Boston Herald wrote that the young man took a vow of celibacy. To love and sex “the smartest man in the world” is really treated as “the imperfections of life.” As a result, upon reaching adulthood, a Professor of mathematics pulled away from the academic environment, citing fatigue “exact Sciences” and the desire to “live in seclusion”.

William SIDIS earned for life working as an accountant, and dismissed as soon as his colleagues became aware of his genius. Although from time to time books authored by Saudis still came. One of them was dedicated to his unusual hobby — collecting train tickets. In everyday life, SIDIS was unkempt and acting quite eccentric.

Interesting episode, when the 21-year-old William joined the political radicals. Only the influence of his parents helped the young man to avoid an 18-month prison sentence for organizing Communist demonstrations. William SIDIS offended by the journalists who made history of his life insights in the spirit of the catch phrase “Woe from wit”, and even sued the newspaper The New Yorker, accusing her of WorgenAI in private life.

the Scientific legacy of the former child Prodigy is high enough — he has written books and articles on the history of the Indians of the United States, psychology and cosmology. Some of his ideas inspired later authors. “Burnt-out genius” died in 1944, at the 47th year of his life — the cause of death was a brain hemorrhage.

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