The Russian premiere of the Opera

Photo: courtesy of the organizers.

the First Russian stage version of Vincenzo Bellini’s Opera “Montagues and Capulet” with elements of immersive show will present young soloists of the Moscow musical theatres in Moscow international House of music. February 28 performance will also feature soloists of children’s musical theatre named N. Sats, Arielle vocal ensemble under the leadership of Elmira Dadasheva and orchestra of the “New Moscow”.

Lyric tragedy libretto by F. Romani, on the works of Shakespeare, of Bandello and other Italian writers will appear as a full-fledged Opera, but with elements of immersive performance that allows the audience to feel like participants of theatrical action.

the New “love Story of Romeo and Juliet… not Shakespeare” will be presented by a young team of choreographers and performers, graduates of the Moscow Conservatory and Theatre, soloists of the Moscow musical theatres. The performance will give viewers the opportunity to take a new look at an eternal love story. It would seem, the same characters, place and time of action, but the logic of characters and events would be completely different. Men’s world with its cult of war and the ambitions of the ruling elites is opposed to the love of Romeo and Juliet, that’s why Bellini brings together the voices of lovers in the timbre of the sound, writing the role of Romeo for a female voice mezzo-soprano. The role of the frantic Romeo, the leader of the clan, the Montagues, the play takes the graduate of GITIS, the soloist of theatre of a name of Natalia Sats Maria Kozlova.

the Combined space of the auditorium and the scene turned into a huge house of the head of the clan Capuleti. Not only taking seats in the hall and on the stage, the audience are in a single field with the characters, emotionally and physically permeating every scene. The story of Romeo and Juliet brought to a public court, where dispassionate “doctor” Lorenzo each hero is ready to render a verdict and deliver a fatal diagnosis.

But the main truth is in the music of Bellini, it makes FINALe weep for the lost opportunities finally real love.

When: 28 Feb, 19:00
Where: Theatre room