The Russian theatre was struck by seven virus

Here is the breath born of a contactless communication of one person with another or with several hundreds and even thousands gathered in one place at one time, is theater. Rather, he was. COVID-19 commanded: “Forget about the theater! You figure, not live contact!”. A single, indistinguishable in color and sound, olfactory, tactile and not impervious palpation virusot in one day, namely March 16, 2024, changed the agenda of all Russian and probably world theatre. However, for the latter, living in a rigid system of capitalism, to a lesser extent. What is there future with the living and non-living sense, he would simply SURVIVE. In the empty halls, zero audience, state the contents until it is. And who doesn’t? Enterprising entrepreneurs, rely only on yourself, you can now only remember the names of who died first on the front lines. Live theatres, Federal and local content. Still alive.

Today, the recipe of rescue of drowning can be found in the classics (well, where are we without them?): he is “the handiwork of drowning.” Read? Great, then start to work, be creative, to open our own resources, forgetting their own ambitions, to look carefully at those who are close and open their unexpected abilities. In short, we blend the legs, more intense beat, like the frog in the milk to get cream. And thus, in the 20th year of the XXI century to get a chance to win COVID-19, for some reason, the theater as an institution and its artists of all stripes, sent. Why? There is a silver lining. And cons you should look for advantages.

Look. Consider this: and before that, the virus with the crown does not have any theatre any other viruses? Good question and good answer — had eagerly, headlong cultivated them. Viruses these struck our theater yesterday, sustained symptoms observed with zero and year by year, day by day developing. What are these viruses? Familiar to microbiologists or something new? Oh, they are well known and observed, particularly in the capital: the virus — “M” (fashion), that is, that is certainly called the theatre of fashion. Followed by virus — “f/L”(false/false) as a complication from the first one, when the desire to be fashionable breeds and false meanings, and in turn, a fake game. Further, in the arms there are two brothers-acrobat — virus “database” (big money) and “HBS” (very big money). The fat virus is exposed to a group of actors affected by the virus “M”: when the ratio of price and quality is often disrupted long ago. But once the customer and the public pay, then dreams of as let got a measly handful of theatre and kinaesthetic. By the way, the “OBD” and “OBD” is a virus-lovebird — “R” (rider-star), where you can find a lot of fun, using the pattern “white only “Mercedes”. Black, as you know, not the channel.

a Particularly dangerous virus, codenamed “DS” (double standards), when theatrical figures can not decide — Russian theater, which for me is still the best (without irony) in the world, is the mission or about the money (impossible ticket prices); this is independent criticism of the government or friendship with her, still supposing cunning game in criticism of the government itself? Finally, a very dangerous virus — “C” (complacency), which is a great platform for all the above viruses.

I will Say, in the capital’s theaters and artists there is nothing like that? Don’t want to spoil the holiday list of titles and names, especially in conditions of quarantine. COVID-19 brought us the idea of “zeroing” (not to be confused with a similar proposal, dubbed the world’s first female astronaut): new artistic ideas, a reassessment of the situation and themselves in it and to it. Maybe only when he was alone with an empty room, in an intimidating silence to talk honestly with him — who am I and why am I? We are together for what is here — whether only one guaranteed salary and unites us? And whether there will be it in terms of the staggered economy guaranteed? Maybe in the world, humbling the pride, the artist will earn a living as a waiter or didat capturing food? What is the role of the theater — to save, to help, to teach or to entertain in moments of life difficult (which is also important)? There comes a time of purification.

COVID-19 is also a traitor — he takes all: who as worked hard, and sticks, who show-bred still, and who smoked bamboo, surrounded by a staff of deputies and founder of the eye closed. Now we will see who actually is worth. Thank you, COVID-19?