When the lawyer Andrea Fernández (Valencia de Don Juan, León, 1992) was four years old, the PSOE lost power and didn’t recover until she was fourteen. By then, it was socialist in the intimacy; those were the years in which they spoke Catalan and was in the socialism from the inside. The second deputy’s youngest Congress picks up the phone in Leon, where he lives. Where do you live? “Yes, I will and I will come by train, we have left Madrid almost an hour and a half. If we end up late and have to get up early, we sleep here, but I’ve never had the feeling of living in Madrid and I prefer to do it in Lion, if I choose”.

Question. do you recognize it on the train?

Response. Each time more. I was delighted to talk to people and listen. I like the contact, know the concerns, problems, proposals.

Q. what is the first thing that I have to see in Valencia de Don Juan?

A. The castle of the FIFTEENTH century, without a doubt. I lived there the first 18 years of my life and…

Q. do In the castle?

A. No! In the village. There is a lot of life in July and August because summer in asturias in the area of Mieres; we have a sun super. Who come, that vacation and that alternates at the Café Daily, where there is culture and beer.

Q. how socialism came to Asturias?

Spain early bird is the one that organizes, not the one that messes up

A. No, a family, mine, that went very wrong in the francoist repression. Since very little I’ve heard some talk of politics, but in my house. Of the dictatorship, in my family it was the idea that in the street there was no talk of politics.

Q. You is not the most discreet, then.

A. Buf, is that I was very much interested in. As I did not have much to speak it out, I felt very neutered. So when I had the age of majority I volunteered to go on the list of my people, and there I committed myself officially with the left.

Q. Is eight years old when Zapatero wins the primaries of the PSOE; 12 when he wins the general election.

A. My reference. The only time my family went board to a rally was when Zapatero came to Valencia de Don Juan. It was a very little girl but I remember it well. Then I met him, I have much affection.

Q. what Was one of those girls with the leaders to make photos at the end?

A. No. My father never would have allowed it (laughter).

Q. At the headquarters of the PSOE, where there are no castles, or not of the TWENTY-first century, where would the tourist?

A. At the door, but because there is the bust of Pablo Iglesias. That is what there is to see.

Cobbler is my point of reference. I saw him at a rally of tiny

Q. I look for on the Internet and find it in two headlines, one in which he condemns lynchings digital and another in which he asked for regular porn. I suspect that they are related.

A. Yes, I spoke of the latter, and occurred first. I went from being a complete unknown, whose opinions never mattered to anyone, to give an interview and that a lot of people set out to insult me and attack me in networks. I consider myself a very sensitive person. It was very painful. I have no problem to admit it, I think that it is necessary to do so. Bullying hurts and traumatiza. We can not normalize it on the social networks.

Q. The statements were to The Spanish: calling for regular pornography, because there are the herds.

A. Would have to do a reflection on what’s involved in pornography, the impact it has on minors and the depiction of the woman; I keep thinking the same thing.

Q. do you Have any friends in the ranks contrary?

A. do you Sincerely? It has been a legislature so brief that it has not given me time.

Q. Brief, but intense, tell how it began.

The harassment on social networks is painful and traumatiza. You can’t normalize

R . With the deputies of Vox occupying the seats of Government. Arrived before to go do the show.

Q. Spain’s early bird.

A. The early bird is not the one that messes up but you organise.

Q. Hypothesis apocalyptic for socialists: there is not the PSOE, and you have to vote. Can we or Cs?

A. (Silence) Mmmmmh. I reserve the answer. I would have to think a lot.

Q. is That it is not as thought if you vote left or right?

A. Not, would be to choose between two options on a non-apocalyptic would not be mine.


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