The skeleton of a mysterious creature washed up on the coast of Scotland


Hurricane “Ciara” made on the coast of Scotland in the County of Aberdeenshire skeleton of a mysterious sea creatures, writes the Daily Mail.

a skeleton Picture published in the social network. Commentators have suggested that the remains may belong to a whale or Dolphin, but the creature has horns. Some did not rule out that we are talking about the shark-Fox, a species which in summer are found in the waters of Britain.

On the published photo we can see a long snake-like skeleton with horn-shaped protrusions in the front.

Some decent ribs on that one eh Marcus!!!#Aberdeenshire #lochnessmonster
@devonwoodsmoke @onfirecatering

— Onfirecatering (@onfirecatering) February 11, 2023

Experts in marine biology admit that they cannot define the being who owns the remains.

“unfortunately, based only on a single photo, we can only say that this is a kit of some kind. We need shots from other angles to set it exactly,” – said the publication of David Lusso from the University of Aberdeen.

Earlier, Japanese scientists have discovered a new whale species. Unusual animals many times noticed by the fishermen off the coast of Hokkaido. According to them, these whales are absolutely black leather, and in size they are smaller than normal whales.

the specialists for a long time it was not possible to study these animals. But then it got to four carcasses found on the shore of the sea of Okhotsk. Having examined the remains of mysterious sea creatures, scientists from Hokkaido University came to the conclusion that it is the whales that belong to one species, Berardius minimus. It belongs to the genus of club mosses of the family cleverely, said the researchers.

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