The state Duma adopted the law on the punishment up to 7 years for violating quarantine

the State Duma in the third reading adopted a bill that toughens criminal liability for violation of sanitary-epidemiological norms. The initiators of the document were made by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov.

Now the violation of the quarantine will be punished with fines from 500 to 1 million roubles in case if it has not led to victims. If all has resulted, the offender faces up to 5 years of imprisonment, and if the two victims and more – up to 7 years of imprisonment. Also provides for alternative penalties – a penalty of up to 2 million rubles in case of violation of the quarantine that led to the death of one person.

Also the intentional violation of the quarantine will be equated with terrorism and sabotage and punished under articles of the criminal code. The investigation of crimes in this area will deal with the SK.

currently in Russia the number of people infected with coronavirus is 1,836 people, 9 people died.