The state Duma has supported the project on expansion of powers of the Cabinet because COVID-19

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Andrew Nikulichev

the state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill granting the government of the Russian Federation with additional powers. About it reports TASS.

the Bill is aimed at granting the government the possibility of imposing regimes of emergency and high alert throughout the country. The government also want to give the opportunity to make decisions about the return of the money tourists bought tours in full, if the restrictions of entry and exit into the country.

at the same time establishes the right of the Cabinet to limit for a period up to 90 days the trade of certain medical products.

in Addition, the Cabinet want to give the right to introduce moratorium on the prosecution of bankruptcy. Under exceptional are the cases of threat of occurrence or occurrence of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character and a significant change in the ruble exchange rate.

After the adoption of the law, the government will be able to determine the features of state registration of medicines and medical products that are designed for use in emergency situations.

the Measures are aimed at protecting the constitutional rights of Russians and to ensure their health in the current epidemiological situation. The proposed document changes are due to the need to respond to the challenges associated with the spread of coronavirus.

According to who, the world already infected more than 697 thousand people, more than 33 thousand died. In Russia recorded 1836 sick, cured 66 people died 9 people.

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