The tragedy of the submarine AG-15: the most stupid death of the Russian submarine in history

History 05/03/20 the Tragedy of the submarine AG-15: the most stupid death of the Russian submarine in the history

the Irishman, John Philip Holland (1841-1904) emigrated to the United States of America and there engaged in the design of submarines. Submarines of the Holland quickly gained recognition, and his business took off: boats bought and built under license by yourself, Austria-Hungary, great Britain, Holland, Sweden and Japan. Did not miss his Russia. During the First world war, Russia, the industry which has not kept pace with needs of the fronts and fleets, purchased 11 submarine type “AG” (“American Golland”).

the Fate of one of these boats was remembered by history, clearly demonstrating the status of “revolutionary sloppiness” that gripped the Russian army and fleet in 1917. AG-15 was launched in the autumn of 1916 and was part of the Baltic fleet. Several months of testing and service of her crew did not have time to Express yourself in any way. June 8, 1917, AG-15, and has not had time to cause any damage to the enemy, crashed. When the boat came to the target area, Lieutenant M. M. Maksimovich was ordered to produce the dip. But instead of normal it was very rapid. The boat sank and sank to the bottom. Quickly realized what was happening, and managed to pop up to the surface, only four crew — commander, helmsman, boatswain and Navigator, three of whom were picked up by a nearby Russian minelayer “Ilmen”, and the Navigator, ensign Boris Peters, drowned, as he could not swim. Surprisingly, the Navy then, and now accept people who can’t tread water without rescue funds.

an hour Later, to the place of accident brought divers, and they saw that the boat lies on the seabed at a depth of 27 m with open hatches. Inside were still alive divers — they responded to a knock on the hull. But to save the sailors failed. To lift the boat (and to save people could only be so) had the ship “Volkhov”, which in the time of the tragedy stood in revel and it’s only a day. By the time 6 divers tried to escape: open the hatches and air bubble thrown to the surface. Five of them one after the other in capkovic jackets popped up and survived. Their bodies were covered with bruises from bleeding in the small blood vessels of the skin — the results of a rapid ascent and compression under water. The rest drowned. Just crash claimed the lives of 18 sailors.

As it turned out, cook Stepan Bogdanov, prepared the soup and meatballs for lunch and opened without permission, aft hatch, in order to ventilate the compartment (hot at the plate in June). And the commander, not examined once again the ship in search of risedronic hatches, gave the order to dive. However, he was not obliged, he took note of the report of the team on the tightness of the compartments and the readiness of the boat for dive. Clearly, with what result sank — the water simply flooded and coke, and meatballs, and half of the boat. According to captain 1st rank Vladimir Shigin, in the “Forgotten tragedy of the seventeenth year (AH-15)” in the revolutionary situation of criminal negligence in 1917 had inevitably to happen. Couldn’t agree more — the fleet (especially underwater) rarely forgives mistakes. We can only be thankful that the victims did not become more.

10 Jun 1917 “Volkhov” came to the scene of the accident and three days later began the rise of the sunken AG-15. Because of the problem of soil had to be busy with the rise of a few days. June 16, the deal was done. From AG-15 was recovered 17 bodies buried alive sailors. Four of them were still with gunshot wounds to the head — these divers, deciding not to wait for death by strangulation was shot.

Raised the boat was taken to the revel on June 22, repaired and again launched. Appointed commander Lieutenant Malevich-Matsievich, survivors of the tragedy that he decided to float on their own and saved some people. He served until the Bolshevik PErewrote. Then put a new commander, loyal to the Soviet government. The boat continued to serve in the composition of the red banner Baltic fleet. In early April 1918, the Russians, leaving the Finnish base, where he was immured in the ice AG-15, blew up a boat that has not got the Germans. In 1924 she was raised and Finns cut for scrap.

the Accident AG-15 was the tenth accident on Russian submarines. Soviet and Russian submarine fleet has experienced then and more than 60 accidents and lost hundreds of people dead. Some of them are horrific as the death of the “Kursk” in 2000, others are less serious (for example, the explosion of the tank topping on the boat To-223 “Podolsk” in 2004, when one person died). Disaster is inevitable for many reasons, often due to technical, independent of the professionalism of the sailors, and unexpected. It is not necessary to add to this misconduct.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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