What did the red army and Wehrmacht soldiers in between fights

History 05/03/20 What did the red army and Wehrmacht soldiers in between fights

War is not only fighting and trekking through the place of routine exercises and simple human communication. These aspects of the great Patriotic war we will consider today.

German Ordnung

the Wehrmacht lived on the schedule of the day. In the memoirs of Soviet veterans say that the beginning and the end of the artillery attack from the enemy side could set your clock. And during lunch to be quiet – the Germans at this time for anything will not attack. There is some exaggeration, but only a fraction. The daily routine mentioned in the letters of the Germans home and in their memories.

In the war, but shoot and die, you need to do a lot of things – and everything takes time. For example, cleaning of weapons, from the personal to artillery or tank guns, restocking ammo, ammunition, fuel. The soldiers of the Wehrmacht could combine these treatments with the light drinking of alcoholic beverages – wine or beer, but to get stinking drunk was impossible, it was considered a serious disciplinary offence and was severely punished.

there Was a time for letters home, reading the Newspapers and sports. In the latter case, preference was given to team games, mainly football, got a lot of pictures from the matches. Also played volleyball, if the location part was mesh. Football was in the winter and summer. Sometimes playing games with the neighboring parts, but some of the regular championship was not.

If you believe the Soviet movies, a lot of time was spent on the robbery of the population, “the hammer, with milk, yayki!”, or in search of partisans, underground fighters, Jews and Communists. In reality, both engaged in a special German einsatzkommando or policemen from the local veterans mostly disdain. Although there is evidence that soldiers of the Wehrmacht had a chance to participate, say, in punitive operations.

However, to get hold of ediblem, even the allies to be ashamed of was not considered, except by force, and wit. For example, in his memoirs, “the Revelation of the German tank destroyer. Tank shooter” Klaus Stickelmaier fought with in 1944 on the tank Pz. IV as a tower hand (gunner’s guns) remembers how one by one the crew went to dinner at the Romanians, which was attached to a tank division, taking advantage of the ignorance of the allies in the number of tankers in the tank – everyone has to eat several times.

Collectively celebrated the birthdays of colleagues, public holidays, New year. Organized the feast, and which no cultural program. Sex has been a concern of the command, almost universally organized Hiking public house. During the war, the Germans organized more than five hundred brothels, equally on Eastern and Western fronts.

But hygiene was not all right. In fact, bathing was only possible in the basin, pre-heating the right amount of water. The same situation was with the Laundry – every cared about the purity of himself. No baths and the more bath days were not. Although most savvy officers of the Wehrmacht were building in their parts of the banks in the sample, all borrowed from Russian. Lice were a universal problem.

the red army in his leisure hours

However, be an exaggeration to say that the red army did not have lice. Was. Moreover, the soldiers managed to attach them to arranged various competitions with the participation of the lice on stake – cigarette or food.

In a spare moment when there was no need to have weapons or ammunition, the soldiers remembered home, a peaceful life, wrote letters, and often a competent fighter wrote for their illiterate co-workers, but with their words. Both sides were sending, and the soldiers often received parcels from complete strangers, in the framework of mentoring, their contents were also the subject of debate.

This form of voluntary assistance of GKO of the USSR settled in 1942, a special decree No. 1768-s “On improving the organization of delivery by naznato increase and streamline the accounting of gifts received for the red army of the population’ (declared in the order of people’s Commissar of defense of USSR N 0400 from 20 may)”.

Reading Newspapers, listening to political information, watched the concerts propaganda teams of front-line or field equipment, and then discussing what they saw.

In the first line of trenches, it was almost impossible to regularly wash and change linen, but here’s a bit from the front and for the soldiers strictly followed, placing these duties to the superiors. Outerwear was cleaning the soldiers themselves, linen erased EN masse, especially bathing and Laundry teams. Even in combat soldiers had to be tidy and shaved. However, it is doubly concerned officers.

Since September, 1942, he entered the order of the day relating to privates, sergeants and officers. The latter got up a little later and went later.

To replenish the soldiers ‘ diet, organized the collection of berries, mushrooms, and even fishing. Also organized were collected deadwood and harvested wood for fires, which often served as almost the only source of heat in the trenches.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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