The Ukrainians, who arrived in Kiev from Thailand, broke through the cordon and fled

As explained “MK” himself, Mr. Verb, a video sent to Kyiv taxi driver who met in Boryspil its customers. A crowd of Ukrainians, with the force pushing the medics in protective anti-plague suits, breaks through locked from the opposite side of the airport doors; some of the men hysterically screaming, “Fascists!”.

Arrived at the scene of the incident, the police and national guardsmen to calm nervous travelers as a sluggish, reluctantly.

Ends the video frames successful breakthrough of passengers from the terminal building. Men loaded with bales, cases and bags, run to pay the Parking lot ahead of time to their cars.

“Now just let everyone think about this “den of morons”, – commented on the incident Vitaly Verb. Our even basic unable – to behave like civilized people! Some were created by God, and these really are descended from apes…”.