Madrid will take finally the climate summit of the United Nations, known as COP25. This has been confirmed by the UN in a brief press release in which it reminds that this appointment shall be held within a month, between 2 and 13 December. Chile was the country which was to take place the international meeting, but the protests did that on Wednesday, president Sebastián Piñera resigned to hold the summit. But less than a day after that announcement, Piñera and the Spanish president-in-office, Pedro Sanchez, agreed that Madrid would replace Santiago de Chile.

In any case, Chile will hold the presidency of the meeting, which entails coordinating the negotiations of the delegates from almost 200 countries will attend the conference. In total, it is estimated that the attendance will be close to 25,000 people. The pavilions of Ifema will host the event, which in its last days will coincide with the antique fair Auction. In 2018 space —a consortium of the Community and the City of Madrid, the Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation Montemadrid.—organized more than 700 events, conferences and leisure events.

The decision that Madrid was the venue will be closed in coordination with the UN, although it was called the bureau of the COP, a kind of executive board standing, gave the nod. In principle, it is hoped that their members, a dozen people, to meet on Monday. But its president, the Polish Michal Kurtyka, has decided to bring forward the contacts between everyone so that the decision will be taken this Friday, as it has happened.


Spain assumes the challenge of hosting in a month, the climate summit of the UN cancelled in Chile by the protests “Madrid is preparadísima to host events like the climate summit”

Despite the fact that it still needed the approval, the Government of Sanchez was sure that the summit would be held in Spain following the agreement reached with Chile, which had the approval of the UN. In fact, after the first announcement, Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary to the area of climate change of the United Nations, considered this Thursday as something “encouraging” to see that “countries work together in a spirit of multilateralism to address climate change, the greatest challenge facing the present and future generations”.

Spain has never hosted a climate summit. These meetings, which are normally held annually since 1995, are generally organised 12 months in advance. Despite the short time available, sources of the Executive shown their trust in that you can arrive on time.

The minister of Ecological Transition in roles, Teresa Ribera, was in contact Thursday with the political parties to announce the offer that he had made Spain to Chile. Paul Married, the PP leader, has expressed his conformity with the capital of Spain is the scene of the COP25, although he also considered that it is “cynical” that the chief Executive in functions, Pedro Sanchez, give “lessons in the world,” when not acting in front of “violence” that is occurring in Catalonia, reports Europa Press.

“Do you duties in Barcelona and stop giving you lessons in Chile, mr. Sanchez,” he proclaimed in a ceremony in Vitoria. Married has ensured that the PP is “in agreement” with Spain to organize the Climate Summit and, in fact, has revealed that spoken with the mayor of Madrid and president of the Community, José Luis Martínez Almeida and Isabel Diaz Ayuso, respectively, to “put all the means at the disposal of the Government in functions for organizing a great summit”. Yes, she stated that it is “extremely cynical” that a president of the Government in functions “that has not been able neither to ensure the safety of a match between Barcelona and real Madrid go on giving lessons in the world” to “come here the international summits of other countries who suffer the same violence that it is suffering, in Barcelona”.

United we Can, through its parliamentary Juan López de Uralde, has shown publicly his support for the meeting will be held in Madrid.

The UN conference that will now be held in Madrid must serve to ensure that the negotiators of the countries end up closing the regulation of development of the Paris Agreement against the warming, that should start to apply during the next decade. But, in addition, it is expected that an increase in the number of nations that are committed to elevate their plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions, which, for the moment, are not enough for global warming to stay within manageable limits.

These summits also serve as a place of meeting and presentation of the latest reports by climate experts, companies, international agencies and non-governmental organizations.


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