Donald Trump has decided not to be a resident in New York. You prefer to be of Florida, one of the favorite destinations of the great fortunes of the united States. And it is not because the native of the new york neighborhood of Queens want to have more sun winter, bathe in its white sand beaches or play golf. Is by a pure fiscal issue, to save millions of dollars in taxes. The same reason why the magnate Carl Icahn just announced that he moved his bottom to the peninsula.

At the end of last September, according to The New York Times, the president of the united States changed their primary residence from the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at the club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. What did next to the first lady, Melania Trump. “The residency in the State of Florida” can be read in the documentation that test the reasons for the change, “is my home main and predominant”.


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“I intend to continue it permanently as such”, he adds. The triplex in the floor 58 of the Trump Tower was the residence of the businessman since 1983. There is also the headquarters of the real estate business of the family. In the list of locations in which to live also includes the White House, the official residence of the president, as well as the golf club in Bedminster (New Jersey). This latter is, next to Mar-a-Lago, one of their places of retreat.

visits Trump in New York were counted since he moved to Washington to take the reins of the country. The protests and the operational safety that mobilizes your step the president pose a headache even for a city that can do it all. The republican, in addition, is considered persona non grata by the residents of the greater metropolis of the country. All this will complicate their eventual return.

The president confirmed it on Twitter. “I love the people of New York,” he says, “always do”. “But unfortunately,” she laments, “despite paying millions in taxes to municipal, state, and local political leaders have treated me very badly”. Trump says, “hate to take this decision,” but concludes that it is the best solution. New York, says, “you will always have a special place in my heart.”

The change of principal residence is, in any case, for a purely fiscal. Florida is one of seven States where individuals pay no income taxes. So the employer will avoid the lien of the 9% that applies in the State and it will save you the 4% city tax. Nor is paid by the heritage, which will benefit your family when you die. In New York city this tax is 16%, when exceeding 10 million dollars.

The New York governor, democrat Andrew Cuomo wasted no time in applauding the decision of Donald Trump to change of residence. “Good trip,” he promises with a brief message on Twitter, “it is not as if you pay taxes here anyway.” “All your, Florida”, concludes by putting the link to the news of the Times. Cuomo-and Trump are old adversaries.

Trump, who is planning to participate this weekend at an event in Madison Square Garden, nor is it the only new yorker who is moving his primary residence to Florida tax matters. In fact, they grew significantly during the past two years after the entry into force of the fiscal reform of the republican, which eliminated a number of deductions, state and local that allowed you to compensate for the load.

The change of residence should not affect, in any case, at the request of the district attorney of Manhattan, Cyrus Vance, the same that seeks to Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment, to ensure that the president will deliver his statement. You need to determine if you in the final stretch of the election campaign paid money to two women with whom you have had sexual intercourse by their silence. It is another reason why Donald Trump changes from home.


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