The upcoming week will bring to the capital the snow and warming

Photos: Moscow 24/Nikita Simonov

the residents of the capital expect light snow showers and warming. The temperature will gradually rise since Thursday, said the Central weather “Phobos”.

“it is Not excluded that in the middle of the week will form a small temporary snow cover. The thing is that now through the capital passed a cold front. Although in the southern part of Moscow region today, the temperature in the area plus 8-9 degrees, in the North the temperature is zero, and in Moscow it is now a small negative temperature,” – said forecasters.

in addition, the weather center said that in the night the temperature in Moscow falls to minus 4-6 degrees, sometimes it will take a little snow.

“Thursday-Friday, the temperature will begin to rise to plus 4-6 plus 7 respectively. About the weather close to the climate norm, will last until the weekend,” had been forecast.

meteorologists Also announced that the capital will blow moderate wind gusts of 5-10 meters per second.

Earlier in the MOE warned about the deteriorating weather in Moscow. It was reported that the capital on Monday, will fall snow, sleet and wind gusts of 17 meters per second.

Morning: snow and gusty winds are expected Monday in Moscow

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