The vet warned of the danger to the animal when the rental

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Dean veterinary biological faculty of the Moscow Academy of veterinarian medicine (Mgavmib), Professor of biology and Virology, doctor of biological Sciences Elena Yarygina spoke about the dangers to animals when their lease. In an interview with Moscow 24 she warned that it will lead to stress in the animal, which in turn may affect his health.

“For the animal is, of course, stress. They used to live in certain conditions, they have a certain regime, they walk with their owners. And then a stranger in an unfamiliar place. It is stress”, – said Yarygin.

She noted that the only time it is appropriate to ask another person to walk your dog – it is impossible to go alone for health reasons. The Professor cited the example of elderly people who because of age not able to do it yourself.

“there’s a neighbor, a young guy, girl, couple, child over 12 years, you can ask them to walk this dog. And just because its owner cannot himself do it. Then it is justified. It is inhumane to the dog,” – said the expert.

She recalled that the isolation mode allows you to get out of the house as required in the pharmacy or grocery store, and a proposal to rent animals for a brief walk down the street does not make sense.

Earlier it was reported that appeared on the Internet ads in which dog owners must surrender their Pets to rent for walks during the regime of isolation, announced in Moscow. Enterprising pet owners put a price of up to 1,000 rubles per hour and 5 000 bail.

this is one of the conditions of quarantine: dog owners are allowed to walk them within 100 meters from the house.

Sunday, March 29, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement around the city because of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection. In privateSTI, he ordered the observance of the isolation the citizens of all ages. The same measures were introduced in the suburbs. Later, after Moscow and the Moscow region, the regime of isolation imposed power for another 24 Russian regions.

Operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus explained to the residents of the capital the main aspects concerning restrictive measures introduced in order to combat coronavirus infection. In particular, Muscovites told whether you can go from the capital to the suburbs, and also explained who can qualify for the payment of unemployment benefits.

Under medical supervision due to suspected coronavirus in Russia are 201 623 people. In Russia as a whole for the past period 2024 under the care of doctors was 315 609 people. To date, the country has spent nearly 537 thousand tests for detection of COVID-19.

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