The vets told how often ill animals in the capital

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

In the capital, Pets often suffer from dermatitis, obesity, kidney stones, also Pets infected with kalitsiviroza, panleukopenia, a mycoplasmosis. Dogs are often diagnosed with viral enteritis and kennel cough. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of Committee of veterinary science of the city.

it is Noted that every year the appointment with the experts fall about 550 thousand Pets. Often, as reported by the Committee of veterinary science, Pets get sick from malnutrition, and content.

“Of parasitic diseases in animals is most often found ascariasis, demodicosis and otodectosis”, – stated in the message.

Experts say that the prevention of contagious diseases need to do animal vaccinated at an early age.

“mandatory vaccination against rabies. In addition, it is necessary to conduct preventive treatment against ecto – and endoparasites. In particular, it is necessary prior to export animals to the country in the spring and autumn period”, – noted in press service.

the Veterinarians emphasize that if the animal has no appetite, depression, change in behavior, you should contact your veterinarian.

Earlier, the government supported the bill of the Ministry of agriculture, according to which introduces the need for chipping Pets. Currently, the draft law will be submitted to the Duma.

the Experts also approved the initiative of the Ministry. According to them, this will help to protect the lives of animals and in case of any accidents to prosecute owners.

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