The virologist called the effective means of protection against coronavirus

Photo: TAS/Stanislav Krasilnikov

the Professor-virologist, Institute of clinical experimental medicine SB RAS Alexander Chepurnov called the most effective means of protection against coronavirus, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

He noted that the best from of Contracting pneumonia, a new type of medical protect mask, and frequent hand washing. However, he noted that it is desirable to avoid frequent contacts.

“the Mask should be correct, it should breathe easy, it should be with the valve, the more that this will be more effective. The valve allows you to exhale more freely, and then the breath goes through the filter cloth,” – said the town Chepurnov.

At the end of December in the Chinese city of Wuhan has been an outbreak caused by a coronavirus. Currently, it is known about 1380 victims COVID-19. More than 63.8 thousand people are infected with the new type of pneumonia, 6.7 thousand people were recovered.

Earlier in Russia has registered a new test system for the detection of coronavirus. At the same time, China found an effective way to treat the disease in the form of plasma transfusion.

in addition, on 14 February it became known that in Russia 548 Chinese citizens are quarantined in connection with suspicion on disease by a coronavirus. Also Russia has suspended the operation of Charter flights to China and back.

the Russian airlines have suspended Charter flights to China and back

the world health organization reported the worst-case scenario of the disease in which the infected can be up to three thirds of the population of the planet. Previously, the cruise ship that was refused to enter the port from five countries in connection with the fear of mers received permission to stop in Cambodia.

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