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These 5 cult films will be 30 years old in 2024!

Diese Kultfilme werden 2024 bereits 30 Jahre alt.

March 24, 2024 – 12:37 p.m.

You almost feel old yourself …

1990 was a great year for cinema fans – 30 years ago cult films “Pretty Woman” and “Kevin – Alone at Home” were released. Is it really that long ago? Here we reveal which other classics are already celebrating their 30th anniversary.

“Kevin home alone”

Yes, the cult film from your childhood “Kevin – Alone at Home” was a real gem of the 90s – Macaulay Culkin played the leading role as a clever soloist. Here we reveal what has become of the former child star and his co-stars.
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“Pretty Woman” – dream team Julia & Richard

Probably the greatest love story of all time – “Pretty Woman” celebrated its screen premiere in 1990. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were the Hollywood dream team. They stood in front of the camera again as lovers for only a few years. We’ll tell you here what the two and their “Pretty Woman Co-Stars are doing today.
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“Who dances with the wolf” – triple Oscar for Kevin Costner

Film "Der mit dem Wolf tanzt" (1990)
Film “Who Dances with the Wolf” (1990)
© Constantin, B3059

1990 was Kevin Costner’s greatest year in terms of career – with his own production company “Tig Productions”, the “Bodyguard” star staged today’s film classic “Dancing with the Wolf” and also played the main role in it. The literature, which significantly contributed to the revival of the Western genre, the box office hit was the world and brought Costner three Oscars in the categories Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor one. In Germany it was the most watched film in 1991.
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“Back to the Future III”

"Zurück in die Zukunft"-Stars
“Back to the Future” Part 3 was released in 1990.
© picture alliance

The science fiction film series “Back to the Future” came to an end in 1990 after three parts. Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, travels in the trilogy with a time machine, a DeLorean, into the past and the future – and messes up the time quite a bit. In part 3, Marty goes to the Wild West. Howdy! Here we reveal what the stars of the cult films look like today.
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“Ghost – Message from Sam” – Patrick and Demi: Pottery has never been so sexy again!

Patrick Swayze, who was acquired in 2009, is remembered by many of his fans through the dance film “Dirty Dancing” (1987), but his love story with co-star Demi Moore in “Ghost – Message from Sam” still enchants his female followers today. Do you remember the sexy pottery scene in the film? Hot!
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