History 04/03/20 “Titan soldiers”: how the Soviet Union before the war created the “biorobots”

super soldiers, not knowing fatigue and pain, able to do without food and rest, afraid of no one and blindly follow any order — the dream of any army. It is no secret that the Wehrmacht tried to improve the combat capability of their soldiers with chemical substances. In the USSR, attempts were made more profound “alterations” — literally the creation of biorobots. Partially declassified today were a few experiments.

Combat cyborgs at the service of the Union

In 1945 the Americans captured in Germany by the Nazi laboratory in which was discovered the disfigured experiments the corpses of Soviet soldiers. Their bodies were implanted titanium bone and the mechanisms of replacement joints. At first the Americans thought it was by experiments of German scientists, but interviews revealed that they only studied captured Soviet “samples”. More details on this issue highlights the American historian Jeff Strasberg, whose father led a group created specifically for the study of Soviet experimentation.

In his book, “the Secret weapon of the Soviets”, he cites evidence that a similar program in the USSR did exist in 1936-1941 gg. it was attended by 300 volunteers, which the long limb bones are partly replaced with titanium prosthetics, is almost immune to bullets in the brain implanted electrodes that block pain centers. But a side effect of such an operation are numerous mental disorders. Perhaps it is because of them Soviet combat cyborgs and not used.

the fate of the project

How successful was the experiment, it is difficult to say, as most of the volunteers stationed in the Brest region, was destroyed by German artillery in the first day of the war. The project in the summer of 1941 was scrapped. Scientists involved in them were transferred to other facilities, and almost all were killed in the fighting (there is an opinion that is not a coincidence). The fate of the survivors “Titan soldiers” is not known — all information on the project was withdrawn and secretive after the war. The project itself has acknowledged is futile, as there was an atomic bomb, to withstand the devastating blow which would not have helped and titanium bones.

Although the book Jeff Strasberg, there is some evidence, for example, an interview of Sergey Konovalenko, the doctor from Vitebsk, who discovered a skeleton with implanted titanium limbs and bones, no material evidence has not been preserved. And if they are, it is still a well-kept secret, as indeed the programs themselves to create super-soldiers that were not only the USSR but also the USA and other countries, claiming the title of superpower.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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