What military awards received Brezhnev in the Great Patriotic

History 04/03/20 What military awards learn Brezhnev during the Great Patriotic

Of the military merit of Leonid Brezhnev wrote frontline press during the great Patriotic war. Leonid Ilyich was fighting way from the Brigadier Commissioner to the chief of the political Department of the military district.

the Former third Secretary was the front-line agitator

On the front Brezhnev went to the post of third Secretary of Dnipropetrovsk regional Committee of the party. Before it participated in the mobilization and evacuation activities. Further service Leonid Brezhnev was tied to political and ideological activities in the army – while acting Brigadier Institute of Commissars was abolished in October of 1942, Brezhnev held this post. Then he served in various polystructure Caucasus and southern fronts, 18 army, by the end of the war he was a major-General.

and for that he was awarded

the Essence of the activities of the Commissar at the front to inspire the fighters on the military exploits, to maintain high morale. Like the rest of the party ideologues, L. I. Brezhnev was directly involved in taking the party on the frontline of new members.
the First order of the red banner (total of Brezhnev there were two, both awarded during the war) Leonid Ilyich received in 1942 for the Barvenkovo-Lozovskaya, the operation and the battle of Dnipropetrovsk, in which he participated. One of the most symbolic battles for the Brezhnev era was the battle of Novorossiysk, for which he was awarded the order Patriotic war of I degree. As he wrote in 1943, “the Truth,” frontline correspondent A. S. Borzenko, L. I. Brezhnev, 40 times under the threat of undermining of the courts visited the beachhead is surrounded by Small earth. Once the seiner with Brezhnev still hit a mine and the worker threw the blast overboard.
Sergey describes an episode that demonstrates the ability of the political leader Brezhnev to persuade the soldiers to defend its borders. So, startled from the presentPlaine Nazis machine-gun fighters of one of the calculations he made with his fists to fire, resulting in the attack of the fascists was repulsed.
In the early spring of 1943, Brezhnev had submitted to the order of the red Star for their great work during the onset of the red army near Novorossiysk. The second order of the red banner head политотдела18 army received in 1944 for the excellent organization of partyboy and personal courage in the battles on the 1st Ukrainian front.
In November of the same year, as stated in the premium list for Leonid Brezhnev, he was awarded the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky I degree for the great organizational activity in combat during the liberation of several cities in Ukraine. By the time Brezhnev was already a holder of two orders of the red banner, order of red Star and Patriotic war, he had a medal “For defense of Caucasus”. Another order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, now II degree, Leonid Ilyich presented at the end of the victorious may of 1945.
it is Known that in 1943 from command of the 18th army Colonel L. I. Brezhnev for participation in the battles on the beachhead little land was handed the name Mauser K-96 in a wooden holster with the inscription “For military merit”. This is the only personal weapon of the future Secretary General, received as awards during the great Patriotic war (from Leonid Ilyich after the war, had accumulated an Arsenal of firearms and bladed weapons, which he donated).

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