To know where in Russia most of all drink vodka

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Become aware of the regions with the highest share of vodka consumption per capita. About this newspaper “Izvestia”, referring to the rating of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets (tsifrra).

So, the leaders in vodka consumption in Russia in 2019 steel Sakhalin and the Magadan region. It is noted that these regions lead in indicator due to the high average salaries that allow you to buy legitimate products. According to the information provided in the Sakhalin region per capita had 12 liters of vodka per year in Magadan is 11.4 liters.

the top five also got the Republic of Komi (10,6 litres), Chukotka (10 liters) and Karelia (9,6 liters).

Specified that, in General, Sakhalin and Magadan regions, the consumption of vodka has decreased over the year by 2%. Thus in Kaliningrad and Ulyanovsk regions was recorded high growth – 15%.

the study notes that the rating was compiled on the basis of statistics the Net about legal alcohol sales and official data on the population of subjects of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, experts have called the most dangerous alcoholic drink for Russians. It was reported that the inhabitants of Russia there is no “European gene”, which developed among residents of European countries over a period of years of addiction to this kind of alcohol.

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