you are in a traffic jam on the highway, stuck at the airport, working until late in the night in the hotel room and push the frustration. Many workers felt unfairly treated, because of the business trips of your company are not recognised as working time. They hope that after a judgment of the Federal labour court, something changes.

The judges have decided that travel time is in the future rate as working time. Many of MIRROR reader has the write to your frustration around the topic of business trips of the soul. Click here to read what “moves” so far, without exception, the male one, what hopes do you associate with the judgment and to be the different regulations of the employer employer.

“shit, tomorrow I after the Munich”

“must be In the eighties, service trips were a joy, because of the extra expense was paid extra. I got about Asia travel is a good Expense account, you could still have something. Business trips to Switzerland or within Germany were so remunerated that you could ride it really the cost of the trip. In addition, a leisure was granted compensation by one could laze away after a tiring business trip a half a day.

Today, business travel due to the higher traffic, whether on motorways or airports, significant stressful. What you get is expenses, which can not survive the morning if you buy it twice at a roadhouse for coffee and rolls. Lunch, then you pay out of your own pocket, creating the mood of the past ‘is like Great, time to get out’ to ‘crap, have to leave tomorrow for Munich’.

In our company a good understanding of the business line for the Stress still on service trips. If for example it is better to arrive the day before, stay in the Hotel, in order to be in the morning fresh and to reduce the stress level.”

This is the experience of our readers with service trips, I made am in the construction industry and are constantly on the road throughout Germany. Some of the sites to which I have for months always should travel 400 to 500 miles away from home, but paid can I get only the FIRST outward journey and the LAST return trip!!! Sunday evening, the trip takes about four to five hours, and Friday evening was the trip home. If I add it to a one-year high, I’m around 480 hours, I get paid! I work as a land officer. Even if I leave in the morning to six in the morning and in the evening at 22 o’clock come back, may I write that down for me, in principle, only a maximum of ten hours. It is even more absurd, because it is then differentiated, what do you do exactly during the driving times. The driver of a vehicle is allowed to write in any additional hours, because he goes all the way. Who’s driving but just down to ride or train, the not. In our company, it is regulated by law. We get up to twelve hours of travel time on the day paid. It is about this time, they will expire. With the new ruling of the Federal constitutional court, I would have helped, since I travel very often remote, and always a minimum of 18 to 22 hours on the way. My employer paid for business trips, the travel time. Honestly, for me, of course. Finally, I travel not in jest, but because it is requested by the employer, and he benefited from it. As a consultant I billed often 40 hours per week at the customer and was in the “REC” on the plane or Taxi on the road. That’s not healthy. I ended up then at the doctor. I’m in the construction industry as an engineer and in the rule, one to three Times per week by train to meetings within Germany. Count me lasts eight hours a day – regardless of how long the trip actually. An overtime compensation in the Form of hours of compensatory or financially. Our employers deduct the travel time, currently fully as working time, that is, from the departure until Check-in at the Hotel. Overtime will be paid with a 30% premium or come up with 25 percent of the time premium on a long-term account. The judgment changes nothing in the approach, encourages more for the future to make it more so. When I reckon at the end of the year, times the nights together, I’ve lived in the Hotel, I quickly to six to eight weeks. Especially when traveling, include a Twelve-hour long haul flight, I feel treated me unfairly. The time, sandwiched in a plane, is not to be compared with the time with my children. If would change something, I would find the class. You would feel less a slave and more as a human being.

“business trips are, for me, an absolute loss of business”

“I work in an international company with 10,000 employees in middle Management. Our company has branches in many countries of Europe. When I see the accounting of business trips in most European countries is regulated, I feel pretty exploited as an employee with a German work contract.

The company shall pay only the day rate under applicable law. This amount is a bad joke, especially if you as I fly relatively frequently and due to safety regulations, it is instructed to acquire the Security Check, the bottle of water for a completely inflated price.

all in All, travel for me is an absolute loss of business. Please don’t misunderstand: I’m not Spenders, would twice order of the day, a fillet steak and an expensive bottle of wine. It’s about appreciation. As an employee in the foreign service you have to accept many hardships.

It is often separated from the family, and regular activities such as sports at the club during the week are very limited, dealing with authorities, visits to the doctor is never really predictable. A week with more than 60 hours of work is the rule, not the exception.

As a young family a father, I wonder in the evening, before falling Asleep in the Hotel often, whether I want to pursue really. A very high income, the service car, all well and good, but money is not all there is.

Without the modern means of communication such as Facetime, I’d have kicked a long time ago in the towel. When my little boy (13 months) smiling at the screen, because dad is in it, it gives me in the evening in the Hotel, at least the feeling that it all has a meaning – namely, my family in times of skyrocketing Rents, to allow for temporary positions, and so forth is, hopefully, a future free of worry.”



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