Fran Healy found the experience of shooting during the lockdown very strange. The 46-year-old is the lead singer of the band Travis and, like for many other artists worldwide, the corona pandemic meant a phase without concerts, performances and other fan contact for the British group.

Instead, Healy and colleagues Andy Dunlop, Dougie Payne, and Neil Primrose recorded a music video, but the experience was strange too.

Weird moments

With the help of Healy’s son Clay and his drone, they were still able to make the video for their comeback single “A Ghost”, but in the “Bizarre” column of the newspaper “The Sun” the musician now revealed what an unusual action they had Video shoot was:

“It was the strangest video shoot I have ever worked on, but it has actually become great.” The band is currently preparing to release their album ’10 Songs’ in October.

It will be the first record since the group released ‘Everything at Once’ in 2016 and Healy has already revealed something about one of the new songs:

“It’s a song on the album called ‘Butterflies’. That’s how I think about song writing. These things fly around you and you have to be very quiet, fast and very respectful. You catch them, look at them for a while and then release them again. “(Bang)


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