TV channel Moscow 24 will launch a video blog

the TV Channel Moscow 24 launches video blog “Dr. 24”, which will answer relevant questions about health.

From the first days of the epidemic COVID-19 millions of people around the world were googling answers to questions about whether it is treated, what medications to take, how to make antiseptic your hands, can you get through a package from China. Rumors, speculation, panic and covered residents.

the TV Channel Moscow 24 will help you understand. Alena Rabinovich, Anna Arutyunova and Julian following elements will separate the truth from the fakes by studying the most popular Internet queries. Do I need to cut the calories while you’re home? How not to kill your husband in quarantine? During the panic all bought buckwheat. If she’s useful?

Personal interest of the characters to a healthy lifestyle will bring all investigations to the end, because they want to know the answers to your questions.

Watch the new episodes of “Dr. 24” on the TV channel Moscow 24 three times a day (12:48, 14:15, 16:15), as well as in social networks.

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