Berlin is also Germany’s capital of morbid beauty. Away from the tourist miles, Hackescher Markt, Alexanderplatz and the Kurfürstendamm places to get lost where there are no tourists exist.

The abandoned bathing Paradise, Blub, in the South of the district Neukölln, the long-abandoned engine shed in Berlin Pankow and the feed plant in Rüdersdorf in front of the gates of the city, in the state of Brandenburg have one thing in common: they are forgotten places, which are given for years, if not decades, to decay.

This spirit of sites Arno woodpecker has visited, has risen through the empty halls, dark rooms, and rusty stairs, even though signs warned against Entering. “Mostly, it was the historical upheaval of the years 1989/90, took the buildings, their importance,” he writes in the Preface of his book with the title “Ghost sites,” which appeared in Jaron Verlag.


oasis of a growing metropolis

Berlin TeaserDas work is long to the classics of the popular genre of “Lost Places”-for literature has become. In the new edition of his book, the Berlin and the immediate vicinity gathered woodpecker 14 orphaned places. Including the US listening post on the Teufelsberg, the Ballhaus Riviera in Grünau and the military airfields in Jüterborg and Sperenberg, which were used until the mid-1990s. At the time of the last transport planes with Russian Troops.

In his book, woodpecker deliberately precise Ortangaben. “For one thing, the visit of many of the forgotten places is not safe – decades of decay does not make a building more stable. And to the other life, these places also of the peace and solitude,” he writes. “You are quiet havens in a growing metropolis, which will probably have soon no more place for them.”

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