Creative through the corona crisis

The corona crisis hits numerous actors particularly hard, and Ralf Bauer (53) is no exception. The TV star had big plans for 2024, and in the spring the movie should be on the screen for its successful series “Against the Wind”. The ARD surfer series captivated millions of viewers in front of the screens in the 90s and made Bauer the swarm of girls of an entire generation. A new release is planned for autumn.

Bauer’s theater engagements are currently on hold. “I would have had a firm commitment from May to the end of August – which of course failed,” he explains in “FaceClub Inside”, a new talk format by Hamburg-based event organizer Sören Bauer. But doing nothing is obviously out of the question for the actor. The 53-year-old is currently working on an online play.

The idea came to him during isolation, Bauer continues in an interview published on . “I thought of a play that I once played. It is about two people who only communicate via email but never see each other. The play is called ‘Gut gegen Nordwind’ and fits like a fist to the eye. ”After all, what could be more obvious than playing a play on the Internet also on the Internet?

After a few first steps on Facebook and Instagram, he now wanted to expand “a kind of online theater streaming service with colleagues. We want to bring the live theater experience home – everything is always live and not recorded. The way of playing like this gives the actor so many opportunities to vary and play with the camera – that is not only fun for the actor, but also for the viewer, ”Bauer says confidently.



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