Ukupnik after working with Leshchenko closed in the house

Arkady, how are you feeling now, those who crossed paths with Lev Leshchenko, Igor Nikolayev (Nikolaev also in Kommunarka with suspected coronavirus – “MK”).

I just now found out that prior to the shooting (on Dr. oz) he was once again Alla Cool at the party, and then we went to congratulate Nadia Babkin with the anniversary, there is also 50 people there.

You have with the filming were posted on social networks alarmists some kind of record, although the mood there was more collective tomfoolery than the sense of danger…

Not quite. After all was excitement. I called it. Filmed it all with his Left, he commented that here we sit here vulnerable. He (Leshchenko) carefree said, at this time, flew in from America and Canada, and angelina Vovk asked: “And you passed quarantine?”. He replied that no, and she yelled at him. Everything is visual in this shoot.

– And you’re Left with a hug, said Hello, too, perhaps?

– No, I’m not doing it. Close contace was not. In the dressing room I was sitting alone. Everything is, of course, infinitely rubbed and washed. All checked, measured temperature. But during shooting, we sat at one large round table, I am four meters from him.

– According to the accepted norms safe distance…

– Yes, safe. Most frightened Larisa Rubalskaya. And Malakhov next to him, of course, was sitting. As far as I know, they both passed the tests and they are fine.

– And you passed the test?

– the Most interesting that I tried yesterday to pass a test, but it turned out that to surrender it is not so simple. Called friends doctors any way. Only said: call the hotline, maybe they’ll come to you is a show in space suits to my village.

I waved a hand, thought, home I feel fine. But most interesting is that although everything and know who was where, who someone contacted – no one these days not even a phone call from the officials authorized health workers, those who needs to do it all, track, confirmed kontakty not said that you came in contact with, whether you are on the quarantine, how are you feeling, what are you doing?

the journalists have been calling, say, no offense to Leo valeryanovich. And no one is offended. Just a coincidence – it is clear. What is there to be offended?

the woman was also a strange situation – its Director Oleg himself lucky Levu in Kommunarka…. So I sit in quarantine, knowingly and voluntarily. Got the first two thousand rubles of the promised four as a Supplement to pensioners, to those sat at home, didn’t go anywhere

call back, probably, with colleagues, friends, mulled all this horror?

– call back, of course. Sasha Revzin (the Director) called, he’s in America now, too, was at a party at Alla Cool on March 13. There’s also Igor Nikolaev has been.

Psychologically, it’s probably a hard enough experience to know what was in a the midst of a dangerous situation?

– I will Not say that I had some kind of panic. There was panic at Larissa Rubalskaya, Yes, who called, said he took the test and waiting for result. The next day the result, fortunately, was negative. They’re near a woman sat at the table, talking to each other, he coughed. I once more stoically all it took.

it Turned out that all this is your Bohemian community, stars, celebrities, show bisovsky party became the most virulent risk group, because until recently, traveled to foreign countries, when it was already clear that the world is restless…

– Well, I never traveled. But in General, Yes. How much partying was in March, almost no one has canceled. And on March 8, when the whole team of oligarchs with their wives, and mistresses bloggersare rushed Touravel – what’s that? Sat there celebrating, and now all with severe pneumonia. Didn’t understand? Yes, there was still relatively calm, but there is a plague already raging and had seen it all, knew… What to do?

How is your quarantine?

– In the house in the country, sit at home in the village. Can go out for a walk. The apartment is rather hard to be. Wait for the pass two weeks of our isolation after the meeting then we can relax.

– I’m Afraid to relax while we ought to be careful…

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