Writer Boris Akunin has told, suffered a coronavirus

the Writer Boris Akunin said in Facebook that two weeks after infection with coronavirus is feeling better. He noted that he was sick on Friday 13 March. The illness he proceeded in the form of medium severity.

Akunin said that with him the wife got sick. But it all went in the form of light – one day with a low fever, two days of headaches. And for some time lost the sense of smell.

as for the writer, he all over, like the flu. “This is as lousy a prolonged flu with high fever. The difference is that the improvement is not happening,” he said. The temperature soared to 39, he hit her with the paracetamol. All lasted about 10 days. The mood was “angry, but calm.”

In the early days Akunin the disease does not treated. On the 11th day there was a doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic. And gradually became better. But the moon is not advised to take antibiotics without a prescription.

“what worries me most is not the virus, and psychosis around him. Please do not bully yourself. This is very dangerous,” – addressed to the readers of Akunin. He urged citizens not to “post horror”, which is full in a network. No need to panic, but those who are in isolation, you need help. “In General, breathing is good. Time is working for us,” added the writer.

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