Whether fixed or loose, braces are part of the appearance of many children and young people, and the promise of straight teeth. Orthodontics is a billion dollar business. But bring the dimensions of health? By the Federal Ministry of health commissioned study raises clear doubts about the medical Benefits of orthodontic treatments.

long-Term data on dental braces are missing

Until today, could prove not a single study “whether and what long-term impact of the pine had orthopedic therapies on oral health,” reads a Letter from the Ministry to the Bundestag, that the “image”newspaper had on Thursday. In Germany, around one in two young people receive orthodontic treatment such as braces. The cost of the health insurance funds totaling more than 1.1 billion euros per year.

dentures and co. supplemental dental insurance companies in Check: “financial test,” selects the best tariffs

last April, the Federal court of maladministration in the jaw had criticized orthopedic treatments. Their medical Use is only insufficiently explored. In addition, the Federation lacked-wide data, for example, about the type, duration, and success of the treatment or the underlying diagnoses, criticised at the time by the auditors. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn then study commissioned by the Berlin research Institute IGES thus confirms the doubt.

“No duty of the state” – health insurance companies are required

Currently, there is “no sufficient evidence for the patient-relevant Benefit of orthodontic services”. The researchers, therefore, to ask the question, “whether the expenditure in the jaw meet orthopedic care to the criteria of cost-effectiveness”. The Federal government is the health insurance on the train.

The leading Association of the statutory health insurance (GKV) would need to assess the Benefits of treatments. So something is “not a state responsibility”, writes the Ministry of health. The Ministry plans at the same time, an expert talk for the Benefits of orthodontic treatments.

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