Vasily Margelov: the mysteries of the biography of paratrooper No 1

Heroes 20/03/20 Vasily Margelov: the mysteries of the biography of paratrooper No. 1

Thanks to Vasily Margelov Soviet airborne troops were the elite of the national army. Despite the high post commander of the airborne forces was for paratroopers “guy” — no wonder they call Margelov in my own way “uncle Bob”. Respect among colleagues and subordinates, the General had won and its open character. That is why in the biography Margelov almost no white spots.

Real name

In fact, the commander of the airborne troops had to wear a slightly different name. The future General was born in 1908 in Ukraine, in the town of Ekaterinoslavl (now Dnepropetrovsk) into a family of immigrants from Belarus. Father Markelov, Metallurgist working, called Philip Ivanovich Markelov. That is, through “K”, ever heard this famous name.

However, according to Sergey GRES, author of “hussars”, one Markelov, Sr. was an unwitting victim of an inattentive official. The fact that Filipp Ivanovich joined the party, and got my hands on a membership card. It is in this paper and a mistake was made, through which the new Communist and his son received another name. So Markelovy steel Markelovym.

the Blockage in the mine

But, apparently, none of Markelovich did not attach much importance to one letter. Moreover, the people they were simple, unpretentious. In the same spirit Margelova raised his son. So, Vasily Margelov began to help their parents while still in his Teens. Worked who would have: and apprentice wizard leather case, and a porter, a carpenter, and mail carrier. But special attention deserves the period of life Margelov, when he worked at the mine named after Kalinin as a laborer and later konohonom (drove the horses that carried the trolley).

As he writes in his book “General Margelov” Oleg Smyslov, it was then Margelov has received the first lessons of courage. Once the mine has had a blockage. Many colleagues of Vasily Lata discouraged and just give up. But Margelov himself and a few miners continued to improve the breed. More than 3 days they spent without food and water, but still managed to get out. After this incident, the health status of Margelov has deteriorated markedly, and he had to retrain as a Forester.


However, Vasily Margelov and the new place is not long delayed. 3 years later he was called up for military service. Paying homage to the Motherland, Margelov realized his true calling. He graduated from the military school, subsequently appointed solely at the command post. As commander Margelov had a chance to participate in the Polish campaign of the red Army in the Soviet-Finnish and great Patriotic wars. It is the last military conflict and has another unusual story that happened with Vasily Filippovich.

Vasily Krivopalov in his book “Notes of a Soviet officer: at the turn of the century” writes that after the next fight the then regiment commander Margelov was summoned by the corps commander of Chanchibadze. Without a word, Chanchibadze from the doorway struck Margelov. But Vasily Filippovich not only stood on his feet, but stood up to a bully. One hit Margelov, Chanchibadze fell to the floor. And then got up and, rubbing his bruised jaw, and said, “well Done! Be the commander of the division!”

a Deadly jump

After the victory over Germany Vasily Margelov graduated from the Higher military Academy and was appointed commander of the airborne troops. Many know it. But few people know that the second “father” of the airborne forces was to be General Mikhail Denisenko. According to Margelov son Alexander on the pages of his book “Marine No 1. Army-General Margelov”, joining the positions of commanders of divisions, “uncle Bob” and “uncle Misha” exchanged vows that each of them will complete 6 jumps with a toiletTom. After fulfilling the promises of the generals had to send each other telegrams.

However, a telegram from Denisenko Margelov never received. Mikhail died during the third jump 7 APR 1949. Despite the fact that Margelov was very upset by the loss and did not just break my legs upon landing, he did not retreat from his and brought it to the end. In addition, the tragedy Denisenko, made Vasily Filippovich even more attention to the issues predpriiatii training and security of the jumps.

Yulia Popova

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