Why partisan liquidate Gauleiter of Belarus, lives in fear of revenge

History 20/03/20 Why partisan liquidate Gauleiter of Belarus, lives in fear of revenge

22 September 1943, Adolf Hitler, reported about the murder of Gauleiter General County Beloruthenia Wilhelm Cuba, which blew up in his own house. For the guerrilla movement, the death of the executioner Belarusian people was a major success. But for the residents of Minsk, which directly carried out the liquidation of the cube, it turned into a personal tragedy.

the Maid with a mien

Wilhelm Kube killed himself in 1941, taking a job as a servant Elena Mazanik – last Komsomolskaya Pravda, waitress dining room of people’s Commissars of the BSSR (and according to some reports, the employee of the NKVD). From the first days of the occupation the girl worked as a laundress and a cleaning lady in German army units and were in good standing. Mazanik not plotting evil against the master of the house, while in 1942, through another servant came out on the members of the partisan detachment “uncle Kolya” (under this name were known to commander Peter Lopatin). The guerrillas have proposed a maid, taking advantage of official position, to eliminate the Belarusian Gauleiter. Mazanik agreed – she had reason to hate the Germans destroyed during the bombing of the apartment. Moreover, as mentioned in the Soviet literature, the girl had suffered abuse from soldiers.

the Guerrillas thought Mazanik will be able to kill Wilhelm Kube with arsenic, but she explained that the poison will die first young child. So, a new plan to use explosives with a clockwork mechanism. Mine gave Elena Mazanik partisan Maria Osipova. The maid had to carry an explosive device in a mansion on Theaterstrasse not subjected to the search. And it succeeded. Deceiving the vigilance of the guards, Elena went to the bedroom on the second floor, where they were supposed to restore order. Mine partisan laid directly in bed Cuba, under the mattress. The explosions took place when Barelyus Mazanik was not in Minsk. The maid said to the wife of Gauleiter that she has a sore tooth, and when she released it from work, went to the base of the guerrillas in the village of Yanushkovichi. Himself Wilhelm Kube returned home at one o’clock and soon went to bed. Probably the Gauleiter of Belarus already slept soundly, when at 1:20 (according to others – at 0:40) load the clock mechanism. His pregnant wife in the explosion were not injured.

Fear for life

For courage Elena Mazanik was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. She wrote a documentary novel “Nemesis”, and also became the heroine of the film of 1958 “the Clock stopped at midnight”. Mazanik has regularly appeared on television, talked about the heroism of the pioneers. The assassinated Wilhelm Kube, she was referred to as “the beast.” At the same time, a resident of Minsk knew that what happened was not a conventional guerrilla campaign, as she deceived the trust of those who knew her closely. Wilhelm Kube left three sons and wife Anita, who wanted revenge for the maid. Therefore, the life of Elena Mazanik passed in constant fear.

the victim’s Family really remembered about the maid. In the 1970-ies Mazanik received the first letter from Anita Cuba, but did not read it, fearing that the paper might be poisoned. The woman has ceased all public activity and began to move from one apartment to another, replacing six addresses. However, in the Epistles of Anita, formerly called Slavic workers “pigs”, now there was nothing but Christian humility and forgiveness.

Here is an excerpt from a letter 1992: “Yes, bless you the Lord, Elena!<...> We, the people, do not know why Gentlemen allow in our lives such events, we can only pray” (the style is preserved, quoted in the book Rose Stankevich “Belarus – my destiny”).

When Elena Mazanik finally read the letter, realized what danger she was not in danger, it was too late – her psyche was undermined by constant anxiety. She nervously reagiramAla at every little noise and, ironically, could not get along with any lady. The woman never married, and caring for her in old age niece sold her medals on the black market. Elena Mazanik died in 1996 at the age of 82 years.

Timur Sagdiyev

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