Vera Obolensky: what the Nazis beheaded a Russian Princess

History 10/03/20 Vera Obolensky: what the Nazis beheaded a Russian Princess

Until 1965 the Princess Obolenskaya and her tragic fate in the Soviet Union, no one knew. To mark the 20th anniversary of the Victory of the French authorities handed over to the Soviet Union documents about the work of the Resistance during the Nazi occupation, thanks to which it became known about the fearless Wiki.

Princess Vera

Vera Obolenskaya Her moved to France as a child. When the revolution broke out, her parents chose to leave their homeland. Grown-up Faith first worked as a fashion model, then as a Secretary. These two professions at that time were represented by the emigrant. In France she married her compatriot Prince Nikolai Aleksandrovich Obolensky. Children of the couple were not. Soon after the war began.

crypto Wiki

France without much resistance surrendered to the will of Hitler. However, a few dissenters still found. They arranged raids, they were sent to camps or simply killed. But they stubbornly continued the fight. Among these resisters were Vera Obolensky – Vicky, as everyone called her.
Vicki became Secretary of the underground Civil and military organisation created by Jacques Articom – husband of her friend. She’s there and your friends and husband. Author never for a moment doubted what she was doing. Together with colleagues, she gathered intelligence, were leaflets, harvested weapons. Due to the brilliant memory of Vicki knew by heart almost all of the secret information: the addresses of safe houses, the names of the agents.
From a tiny mug Civil and military organization soon formed a huge network across the country. However, everything collapsed in one moment. In the fall of 1943 during a RAID in the hands of the Nazis gets one underground. In his pocket he finds a receipt for the phone, which is the address of the safe houses, storing weapons and documents of a secret orgaorganization. Was discovered and Wikis. Along with her friends were taken to the Gestapo.

the Death of over 60 brands

the Wiki has gone through many tortures, but not only did not betray his companions, and some even saved from destruction, claiming that they are unfamiliar with. But for her, death was imminent. The Nazis laughed at by the Princess, saying, why defend Russian? What Obolenskaya invariably replied: “I will not betray any country, nor a country that is hosting me.”
Vera Obolensky beheaded by the guillotine. So the Germans executed only the most dangerous criminals. For her execution, the executioner got 60 marks.
At the cemetery Sainte-Genevieve-du-Bois is a plate with the name of Princess, but her body is not buried there. Immediately after the death of Vicky was taken to an anatomical theater, and more it nobody saw.[irp]
Great Russian writer Viktor Astaf’ev believed that the author could easily save himself. Here’s what he wrote about the brave Wiki: “Knyaginya-the author could stay alive for that, she had to make a small little — to give up his kindred, to write on the prison donosnye paper that Russia and Russians, it has no relation”.

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