Video with instructions for manicures beat the record for hits in the Network

Videos about manicure beat the record for hits in the Network

the Internet breaks records for video views with instructions on how to make a manicure. It is possible to see, what to remove gel Polish or how to do a French manicure using tape.

These videos are gaining hundreds of thousands of likes over several hours.

4 April, Sergei Sobyanin has made changes in the decree of 5 March “On introduction of high alert mode”. He allowed the Metropolitan beauty salons, massage offices to continue to work from April 5 to may 1, if they have a license for medical activities. However, when working with a client must be observed distance.

Earlier it was reported that Moscow was identified institutions carrying out the procedure illegally, despite the requirement of the city authorities to stop the activity. The order they pass through exit service.

Moscow Authorities have extended the restrictions on the coronavirus before may 1. Extended closures of restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and other food service establishments, beauty salons and shops of retail trade of inedible goods.

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