Vladimir Chvanov: what are the crimes in your life unveiled a prototype of Sharapova

History 01/03/20 Vladimir Chvanov: what are the crimes in your life unveiled a prototype of Sharapova

In 1979, the screens out of the cult Soviet TV series “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, based on the novel brothers Weiner “Era of mercy”. Its main characters were two employees of Moore – Gleb Zheglov and Vladimir Sharapov, who played, respectively, Vladimir Vysotsky and Vladimir Konkin. It turns out that the last character was quite real prototype – the militia Colonel Vladimir Chvanov.

a Storm of bandits

Canova Career began at the age of 20. The young man was the reserve from the front because of severe wounds. But this did not prevent him from being taken by the operative in MOORE. The former soldier got the most difficult area of Moscow – Maryina Roshcha, infested by gangs of thieves.

Once Canova called for talks with the bandits. The meeting was held at the cemetery, the Opera said that he should come alone and unarmed. However, the leader of a gang at the outset began to threaten and pulled out a revolver. “You’re the thief in the law, if the word does not hold! – said Vladimir. – I the deal was done, came without a weapon and you, mangy mutt…”

Not giving mind that is afraid, Chvanov turned to the bandit’s back and moved away. Shoot him urca did not become.

In the book and the film Sharapov was introduced to the gang “Black cat”. This is also true: Chvanov in the postwar years, and indeed managed to infiltrate one of the capital’s major gangs, which contributed to its disposal.

the Method of “4 hours”

Over time Canova has its own “proprietary” method helped to reveal the most intricate crimes. Of course, the detective was their secrets, but the method was to solve the crime within the first four hours after its Commission. Thus was revealed the burglary sculptors Vera Mukhina and Yevgeny Vuchetich, the ballerina Sulamith Messerer, actors of the Bolshoi theatre Mark Reyzen and Ekaterina geltzer… According to legend, once Chvanov at the request of the Queen of the Netherlands using the same “method four hours” managed to identify a serial killer who committed more than 15 murders in Amsterdam.

Hunt for a serial killer

It Chvanov managed to track down the legendary maniac-the robber Ionesyan, nicknamed Mosgaz, terrorized the capital in the mid 60s.

From the apartment of his last victim, 46-year-old woman he hacked to death, Jonesian took the TV “Start”. Local police happened to see the TV taken away on the truck, and was able to remember two digits.

Because the victim lived in Mar’ina Roshcha, which was the district chvanova, he directed the investigation. The testimony of the district helped out the driver of the truck, and the called address, where he delivered a TV. Lived at this address for concubine Ionesyan Alevtina Dmitrieva. Authorities managed to persuade her to cooperate, and soon “Mosgaz” ended up in the hands of justice.

criminal minds

The “Era of mercy” Sharapov says the memorable phrase: “the Criminal should be understood.” Apparently, this is the secret of Vladimir Chvanov and other successful detectives: they need to learn to “climb” in the criminal’s shoes, to think and feel like him. That helps to come to the solution of crimes.

Irina Shlionskaya

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