History 25/03/20 “Volyn massacre”: the most terrible crime Bandera

July 11, 1943, will forever remain in the memory of poles as a black date. On this day, Ukrainian nationalists with the aim of complete destruction of “hostile elements” attacked the Polish settlement, located on the territory of Western Ukraine. One hundred and fifty villages and hamlets were literally covered with blood. The nationalists did not spare anybody.


last Summer, on the eve of the 73rd anniversary of the terrible tragedy, the representatives of Ukraine and Poland exchanged messages. First he tried to smooth things over, asked for forgiveness and said that “while alive, our people, the wounds of history continue to bring the pain. But our Nations will live only when, despite the past, we learn to treat each other as brothers”. Second, in principle, not opposed to make contact, there is only one problem. So said members of Parliament of the ruling party “law and Justice”: “the Difference between us concerns not the future, and the General policy of historical memory. The problem in today’s Ukrainian against those guilty of genocide of poles during the Second world war. In Poland at the state and local levels, we don’t honor people whose blood is on the hands of innocent civilians. We are concerned about the selectivity of historical memory, in which the open Declaration of sympathy for Poland is paired with the glorification of those who has on his hands the blood of our fellow — defenseless women and children.”
Therefore, reconciliation efforts once again ended in a stalemate.

to Destroy in the struggle

In the 20th century, the confrontation between poles and Ukrainians moved in a different direction. If the first massively oppressed second, in that time the situation has changed.
Ukrainian nationalists began to pursue a policy of terror against the poles before the Second World war. That is, when the Western Ukraine belonged to Poland. Smelostand and forces nationalists added the collaboration with the Nazis. The Nazis, by the way, I thought that in this way they will be able to create and independent, but a puppet Ukrainian state. And most importantly, this new “power” had to be ethnically pure. Stepan Bandera, like all the other leaders of the nationalists vehemently supported this idea.

in the Spring of 1941 the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists labored manual called “Fight of the OUN activities* during the war”. It was painted in detail the issue of “service BEZPEKA” (security) in time of armed conflict with the Soviet Union. Simply put, in this document it was said that Ukraine hostile elements must be destroyed by any means.
in 1943, the dogs unleashed. The chief “service BEZPEKA” Mykola Lebed took the initiative of cleansing the territory from the poles. The tip of the OUN (banned in Russia) is approved. Although the oppression of the Polish population in Volhynia and throughout Western Ukraine began much earlier.

First ventured Peter Nesterovich. With subordinate nationalist squad, he decided to cut cleaned Polish village Parole (near Vladimirets, Rivne region). And in order to minimize losses among their own, Nesterovich ordered the soldiers to change into a form of Soviet partisans. The fact that the residents of Parola actively cooperate with them, so the trick is not noticed.

Before killing women, the nationalists had raped them, then cut off the noses, ears and chest. Men dealt with axes. Over two brothers-teenagers by the name of Gershkevich who tried to escape and call for assistance to Soviet partisans mocked with cruelty. They cut off the hands and legs, ripped stomach, and a wound filled with salt. Then the unfortunate thrown into a field to die. Only in the village, killing 173 pole, among them 43 children. They spared not even one year old baby. They nailed him with a bayonet to the table… Such a horrible picture I saw of these partisans, when the PReating in Parole.
the Elite troops of the UPA* “Rezun” – people whose Forte was cruel punishment. This files most often for killing, they used saws, knives and axes.
behind Parole came under attack another Polish village Lipniki. With the locals massacred a detachment of Ivan Litvinchuk, better known as Oak. They completely massacred a village, killing 179 poles (51 of them children). By the way, in that locality, was born in the future, the first Polish cosmonaut Miroslav Hermaszewski. At the time of the attack Ukrainians he was only 2 years. The fact that Miroslav survived the slaughter – a miracle. His mother, trying to escape from his pursuers, hid him in the field among the dead bodies…
Then it cut the population of the village of Kuta, the village Katarinovka… And Ukrainian nationalists killed not only the poles. But, as they themselves called “nedoukraintsev”, that is, people of mixed marriages. To “apostates” nationalists treated with particular cruelty.

And so approached a black day for the Polish people – July 11, 1943. On this day, fighting the UPA detachments simultaneously attacked several dozen villages inhabited mainly by poles (these are different, for one, there were about a hundred, on the other – about 150). Kill them indiscriminately, because the only way for the views of the nationalists was to “cleanse the Ukrainian land.”

Polish historians, who was closely involved in the restoration of the chronological events in the “Volyn massacre”, reported that the soldiers of the UPA, or rather the ones “Rezun”, used 125 ways of killing civilians.

the terror has not stopped. Nationalists began to hold mass Stripping is already among the Ukrainian population. Any person who refused to cooperate or to help the UPA were considered enemies and executed. As, for example, Ivan Csuchico from the village Klevets’k. Aksyuchits condemned the brutal methods of the nationalists, for which he paid with his life. “Rezun” executed him publicly and revealing a brutally split in half. And a death chosen for him PLimenik, included in UPA.

the Ukrainian people rebelled. And not to aggravate the situation, the nationalists began to destroy only the Ukrainians. As in the village Paltrow. There they culled the population and shot from machine guns of more than three hundred poles, Ukrainians is not touched.


to Tell you about all the atrocities of the Ukrainian nationalists makes no sense. “Volyn massacre” is confirmed by thousands of witnesses and a huge number of photos. Polish researchers more than 36 thousand dead while their fellow citizens. And it is only those whose identity could be identified. A few thousand or even tens of thousands remain unknown. Polish historians mention the figure of 100 thousand people, 60 thousand of them – that the poles (the other is “the departed”).
However, Ukrainian historians and researchers do not agree. According to them the poles overestimated the actual numbers several times.
it is Clear that such terror could not remain unanswered. And poles responded in 1944 with the forces of the home Army. With fire and sword they walked for the Ukrainian settlements scattered across the Eastern part of Poland. But the scale of retaliation do not go to any comparison with the “Volyn massacre”. In total from hands of Polish soldiers killed about 2-3 thousand Ukrainians. However, Ukrainian researchers claim that actually it was killed several times more of their fellow citizens, than say the poles. In General, to negotiate and to come to terms on this issue the parties can not so far.

*banned in Russia

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