The executioner of Nicholas II: who really killed the last king

History 25/03/20 the Executioner of Nicholas II: who really killed the last king

the Fact that Nicholas II was killed Jurowski (or someone else of the numerous and motley firing squad in 1918), now doesn’t confirm nothing and no one. No conclusive evidence of specific participation of each of those who shot that July night in 11 people in the basement of the Ipatiev house Yekaterinburg.

Who was then Yurovsky?

Yakov Yurovsky in July 1918 was the commandant of the Ekaterinburg House of special purpose (house of the merchant Ipatiev). He not only oversaw the process of mass murder, but he was shot, according to the memoirs of direct participants in the execution of the Royal family (their testimony was published in the 1960s).

Preparation for murder

it is still unclear whether a direct order from the center of the murder of the Royal family or was a initiative. Obviously, the shooting in the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party then no one, including Lenin and Sverdlov, the author alleged telegrams about the need to remove Nicholas II and his ilk, not condemned. According to a member of the firing squad Mikhail Medvedev (Kudrin), Yurovsky saved “kitchen boy”, the kitchen boy Leonid Sednev, who played with the heir Alexei Romanov. The commandant allegedly seized it from the list to be eliminated. However, this “charity” event and attributed to other members of the bloody massacre in this story, I do too much “allegedly”.

But it is obvious that Leon was the only survivor of the people imprisoned in the Ipatiev house (at the time of adoption of the decision on the execution). Mikhail Medvedev admitted that at first confused Sednev from crown Prince and was actively against 13-year-old boy is inappropriate to kill. To those years, when the murderers of the Royal family published their memories (1960s), Sednev did not survive. The circumstances and causes of his death today, too, shrouded in taiHN.

In the shooting was attended by representatives of the Urals Cheka and the red army-Latvians. Not all the way, agreed to kill. According to the memoirs of the same Medvedev, three refused, and revolvers (guns) taken away from them. Those Latvians who were not opposed, in addition rifles with fixed bayonets were other firearms. The Arsenal of the killers of the Royal family and confidants to it were very rich: each of them had two or even three weapons (commissioned by the objectors-Latvians revolvers, too, went into business). Mikhail Medvedev mentions his Belgian Browning and samozarjadnyj a revolver, and an American colt. From Jurowski in particular there were ten German “Mauser”.

So who killed king?

the stories of Mikhail Medvedev, a firing group of seven Latvians and five security officers – he, Yurovsky, head of the external security of the Ipatiev house Pavel Medvedev, Piotr Ermakov and Grigory Nikulin.
When the Royal family and their servants in the dead of night gathered and slipped down the order in the basement of the Ipatiev house, Yurovsky says words that are the last in the lives of most of the condemned (as we know, died not all murdered that night) – the need to destroy them.

Mikhail Medvedev claims that he fired the first shot at the king. Nicholas II was shot and Jurowski. All mixed up, the bullets rebound off the walls and hurt themselves shooters, many of the 11 victims were badly wounded and finished off by shooting and killing by bayonets. Disputes about who exactly killed Nicholas II, between the executors of the bloody sentence was carried out behind the scenes and never supported at the state level. None of the murderers of the Royal family, including Jurowski, this credit is not set.

Yurovsky Himself died in 1938 from perforation of a duodenal ulcer at the age of 60 years. Who knows, if not for the illness, whether he was able to survive the Stalinist repressions, and not would have suffered his fate the organizers of the execution of the Royal family – almost all of them Soviet authorities put a bullet in the head. Andfrom the majority of security officers, directly kill the Romanovs and their entourage, not touched, they lived to retirement. And never regretted what I did.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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