The Spanish startup Wallapop has closed the sessions that were open to all its users and has enabled an overall change of passwords after locating a access”,” abuse ” and “suspect” in the service of sale and purchase of second-hand articles. Hundreds of users have been in contact with the platform after receiving in via the app and by e-mail a communication on the failure of security. The company has assured on Twitter that it has no evidence that there has been “a fraudulent use of the data”. Wallapop has more than 40 million users in the world.

“we Recently detected an unauthorized access in Wallapop, we are not allowed to guarantee 100% the security of data of our users”, explains by e-mail Edurne Oteiza, director of Operations and Marketing of the company. “For this reason, to avoid the risk of unlawful use, we have closed the session of all users so that they can change their passwords by accessing the platform,” he explains.

The company has also posted a message on his Twitter account, reassuring users: “Good afternoon, we have no evidence that there has been a fraudulent use of the data. but root access of a suspect we have informed to the users by mail and app the close of your session, and we have asked you to change the password. To ensure your safety is first.”

Wallapop has recorded hundreds of messages from users asking for explanations on the why of the close of its sessions, to those who answer by direct message. The platform, after apologizing for the disorder, calls to the users in the next access to change the password or reset the session through Facebook or Google.

Wallapop is one of the platforms most successful sale and purchase of second-hand goods, where buyer and seller agree to conduct a transaction, and if this, for some reason, is unsuccessful, the platform is washed the hands. The system is based on a mobile application with geolocation. In addition, account with a chat service to keep in contact with vendors. The company was founded by Agus Gomez (L’hospitalet, Barcelona, 1979).


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