What are the ancestors of Boris Johnson have in common it with the Royal Romanov family

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Conspiracy theorists claim that the ruling elites of most countries are linked. They are supposedly descendants of the ancient aristocratic dynasties. These statements can be ironic, but the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson as its origin like confirms the conclusions of the conspiracy theorists. He is in kinship with many Royal dynasties of Europe.

the Multifaceted and contradictory

the British Themselves often referred to Boris Johnson, who headed the Cabinet of Ministers on 24 July 2019, contradictory and multi-faceted personality. A talented journalist, orator and politician regularly gets in an ambiguous situation, but skillfully get out of them, only gaining popularity in the eyes of the people and strengthening its position. The penchant for outrageous and dramatic statement it combines strategic thinking, that multiplies as the number of supporters and the ranks of the opponents.

According to his official biography, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel-Johnson (Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) born in 1964 in new York, but a big part of my childhood and adolescence spent in the UK, where he received his education, graduating from Balliol College, Oxford University.

His career started with future policy journalism – a reporter for The Times in the UK, then with the scandal moved to The Daily Telegraph. Thanks to the bright and controversial articles Boris Johnson became a famous writer, he edited the magazine the Spectator, worked for the BBC news channel.

His first election to Parliament, this member of the Conservative party lost, but did not give up, becoming a Deputy from the district of Henley-on-Thames in 2001. Then the political career of Boris Johnson went up sharply, and he became not just a popular media personality, but also a statesman.

the Turks, Circassian, Jewish, German…

A people born in the United States as a British politician, are of mixed origin. There is nothing surprising in America in search of a better life were sent by representatives of different countries and continents. Detached from the roots, migrants were not constrained by the age-old question: “What will the relatives and neighbours, if I marry her?”

Among the ancestors of Boris Johnson was the Turks, the Germans, Circassians and Jews. The fate of these people was sometimes very dramatic. For example, great-great-grandmother on the paternal side Fired Hanifa was a Circassian. Some biographers suspect that it could be the slave – girls of different origins are often stolen for sale in the Ottoman Empire. Other sources say that the family of Hanifa moved to Istanbul to escape the war that the Russian Empire waged in the Caucasus in the XIX century.

great-Grandfather on my father’s side – a Turkish journalist and politician Ali Kemal (1867-1922), was – was no less a controversial figure than Boris Johnson. It is still the homeland of many people considered a traitor, because this man stoned to death an angry mob of political opponents.

the Wife of Ali Kemal in 1903 became Winifred (Winifred) Brun Johnson, who was born and raised in Switzerland. She was a mixed Anglo-German origin.

the Jewish roots of Boris Johnson’s maternal line. His great-grandfather Levi Elias Avery (1879-1969) was born in Kalvarija, which is located on the territory of modern Lithuania, but in the XIX century belonged to the Russian Empire. After emigrating to the United States the fate of the young man was successful, he is still remembered as a famous scientist and palaeographer.

the Wife of Elias Avery Levi became an American Helen Tracy Lowe-porter (1876-1963), was engaged in the translations of literary works from German into English. So the ability to record your thoughts on paper Boris Johnson could inherit not only from an ancestor-Turk.

Royal lineage

the officers of the British TV channel BBC, digging in the archives found the main secret policy. A story called: “the Royal pedigree of Boris Johnson revealed” was aired on 4 August 2008.

As you know, the father of the current Prime Minister of UK Stanley Johnson, even though he was American, but the greater part of his life spent in the Old world. He was also involved in politics. Parents were Stanley Wilfred Johnson (aka Osman Kemal) and Yvonne Eileen (Irene) Williams. And her mother, in turn, that is, the great-grandmother of Boris Johnson, was Maria Luisa de Pfeffel – daughter of the Baron whose name was Hubert (Hubert) de Pfeffel.

But this is interesting, because genealogists know that members of this aristocratic family are the descendants of Prince Paul von württemberg (1785-1852.), the origin of which is from the king of England George II Hanover (1683-1760) was also no one in doubt.

it Turns out that three centuries later, the British government was headed by the eight-fold great-grandson of the former monarch. That is, a descendant of George II in the 10th generation.

Boris Johnson, commenting on the results of genealogical research journalists of the BBC, said that did not know about their Royal origin, since even my grandmother on my father’s side did not tell him about noble roots.

it’s hard To believe, as Alexander Boris de Pfeffel-Johnson must know at least their full name, and not ignore aristocratic prefix “de” is simply impossible. Besides, while studying at Oxford, Boris Johnson became a member of the elite student club Bullingdon (Bullingdon Club) which accepts the descendants of British nobility.

by the Way, the last representative of the Hanoverian dynasty, which belonged to George II on the British throne was the famous Queen Victoria (1819-1901), was then the throne passed to her son, Edward VII, on the paternal side Dating back to Windsor.

Brunswick family

Hanoverian dynasty, as it is known, is an offshoot of Braunschweigswow the aristocratic house, whose members for centuries, intermarried with the descendants of the noblest families of Europe. So Boris Johnson is distantly related to all the crowned heads of the Old world, including from the house of Romanov.

In the book “the Monarchs of Europe: the fate of dynasties” (editor and compiler N. In. Popov, Moscow, 1997), which was written by a team of historians and genealogists, said: “Brunswick house was represented by two branches diverged in the sixteenth century: Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel and lüneburg-Hanover; the latter since 1714 occupied the English throne.”

Historians have noted two dynastic marriage concluded between the German aristocracy and the family of the Romanovs. For example, Peter A. married his son Alexis to Princess Charlotte Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (1694-1715 years) who gave birth to Emperor Peter II (died at the age of 14 years).

“the Second Russian-Brunswick marriage took place in 1739, when the Empress Anna Ioannovna has issued her niece Anna Leopoldovna married to Anton Ulrich, the younger brother of Duke Charles I of Brunswick; mother he was the nephew of the wife of Tsarevich Alexei and the cousin of Emperor Peter II. Their newborn son Ioann Antonovich was declared the Emperor,” written in the book “the Monarchs of Europe: the fate of dynasties.”

the Fate of the crowned child was tragic: the deposed Elizabeth, he was kept in solitary confinement until he was killed at 23 years of age during the attempt of the conspirators to release him.

Politician and journalist

If you analyze the fate of the ancestors of Boris Johnson, it is impossible not to notice the obvious similarities between the careers of the current Prime Minister and his great-grandfather Ali Kemal, who had a Turkish-Circassian origin. He, too, was a popular journalist and statesman. Great-grandfather of Boris Johnson in 1919, was briefly headed the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Ottoman Empire.

Public-political newspaper “Voice of Armenia” on July 19, 2016 published an article entitled “a Turkish great-grandfather of the new foreign Minister of great Britain at the time condemned the Armenian genocide.” It says that Ali Kemal has maintained a principled position, for which he was brutally murdered.

“Worrying for his life as a journalist, in 1909, Ali Kemal fled to England and remained there with his wife Winifred and daughter. However, shortly after the birth of his son his wife died of puerperal fever in Bournemouth. A few years later, in 1912, he returned to the Ottoman Empire and the newly married daughter of an Ottoman Pasha, the Sabiha Hanum,” reads the article, citing a research conducted by American Professor of sociology, historian Vahakn Dadrian.

Children of Ali Kemal’s first wife remained in England, they took the mother’s surname – Johnson. Moreover, the son of Osman began to use his middle name of Wilfrid.

due to strong performances against the founder of the modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal atatürk, but also because of the harsh criticism of the Armenian genocide, the great-grandfather of Boris Johnson made a lot of enemies, who took the death.

it is hoped that the political career of the present Prime Minister will not end so tragically.

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