The corona pandemic has also thwarted the plans of a famous German rock band that has been jetting around the world for decades. Caught in the lockdown in Hanover, the musicians have recorded a song that should give hope.

Scorpions singer Klaus Meine (71) is happy that he is experiencing the corona-related lockdown in his home in Hanover. “I don’t want to be in the USA at the moment and I might have to go to the hospital there,” said the front man of the legendary rock band with over 110 million records sold worldwide.

Was macht eigentlich die Risikogruppe Scorpions?

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“I have trust”

After all, his bandmates and he belonged to the risk group in terms of age. Those responsible in Germany have so far managed to prevent Italian conditions, the musician said. “I have confidence that we will continue to be well guided through this crisis.” Conspiracy theorist completely ignores Mine. “The department has always been there. They didn’t think the Americans were on the moon either. ”

The Scorpions singer is currently working on a new rock album with the guitarists Rudolf Schenker (71) and Matthias Jabs (64) every evening at Peppermint Park Studios in Hanover. The American producer Greg Fidelman will be connected from Los Angeles via video conference, bassist Pawel Maciwoda from Kraków, Poland and drummer Mikkey Dee from Gothenburg, Sweden.

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The Scorpions are lucky in the crisis – not so many concerts were planned for this year. In 2019, after 34 years, they played again in front of more than 100,000 people at the Brazilian Rock Festival in Rio. In early 2024 they were on tour in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Creative mode in lockdown

“Caught in lockdown, we immediately switched to creative mode,” said Meine. At the end of March he wrote a little song at home, “not a promo story, but straight from the heart in troubled times” (about: straight from the heart in troubled times). “With” Sign of Hope “we want to express our solidarity with doctors, nursing staff and everyone who is on the frontline,” he said. The song was intended as a musical sign of hope and triggered very touching feedback from the fans.


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