An upcoming wedding should actually be a joyful event that everyone involved is excited about and that the families of the spouses should also unite. In the case of the planned wedding of Michael Wendler and Laura Müller, however, there seems to be a mountain of problems. First, Michael’s divorce from Claudia Norberg is still a long time coming and besides, the well-known pop singer no longer wants to know anything about his own mother.



Before the planned wedding, which is to be accompanied exclusively by the cameras of the TV station RTL, the polemic couple still has to solve a number of problems. A divorce from Claudia Norberg is already being dealt with by a court in the United States. The name-Zoff with Claudioa Norberg, whose family name Michael Wendler had adopted at the wedding, will probably be regulated somehow. But there seem to be irreconcilable differences in the Wendler family itself.

Because the well-known singer no longer wants to know anything about his mother. The reason is his mother’s criticism of his partner Laura Müller.



Christine Tiggemann (71), Michael Wendler’s mother, had doubts about the relationship between her son and Laura Müller (19) at the beginning of the relationship. The 71-year-old accuses the young influencer that she only wants to advance her own career. For this reason, there has been absolute radio silence between the singer and his mother for a long time. Even from her son’s official engagement, Christine Tiggemann had only heard about social media. But that’s not all! Apparently the relationship between mother and son can hardly be repaired, because Tiggemann told the “Neue Post” in an interview: “He wrote to me that I died for him”. As things are at the moment, Christine Tiggemann will not even get an invitation to a summer wedding. Unless there is a surprising reconciliation between Michael Wendler and his mother.



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