What happened to the daughter of Leonid Brezhnev after the death of his father

Biography 11/03/20 photo by Vladimir Musaelian was the daughter of Brezhnev after the death of his father

About her novels were the talk of the country. Suffice it to say that she was married to illusionist Igor Kio, who at that time was 18 years old at the time she was 33.Shortly before his father’s death, Galina appeared in a major criminal case about the jewel Heist. There were rumors that it is finally undermined the health of father.

Despite all the efforts of his father, Galina did not aspire to the Sciences and dreamed of becoming an actress. With time, Leonid Brezhnev insisted on entering the Institute, but in 1951 she dumped him and left with a fiancé. A successful career Brezhnev was built. Many believe that his entire life had been devoted to men. And they were many – in addition to the three official marriages she had an extramarital affair, which had generated around family Participation a huge amount of gossip.


Over the years of his life, Galina Leonidovna had a few big novels. Among her lovers were journalists and people of art. Most scandalous of all was the affair with Boris Buryatse, who was a Gypsy singer. Despite the fact that Brezhnev was already over 50, it is without hesitation being a married lady has an affair with a man who was much younger than her. During this period, Boris’s career went up rapidly, many believe, not without filing Galina Leonidovna. In 1981, the law enforcement bodies tried to accuse him of stealing jewelry. But to prove his involvement was not possible. A little later he was finally convicted of speculation. Historians believe contributed to this chumps – third husband Brezhneva.


First husband Brezhneva was Eugene Minaev, circus performer, with whom she ran away, leaving the Institute. He was older than her by almost 20 years. She accompanied him on tour and worked as a wardrobe mistress. The marriage broke up because of infidelity by a spouse with molodoi a circus performer.

Second husband, as already mentioned, was the 18-year-old Igor Kio. The illusionist himself later recalled: “Galina in the blink of an eye, an acquaintance, divorced, and we went to sign. We were given evidence, and we drove off in Sochi. However, the father of Galina still left a note: “Daddy, I fell in love. He is 25”.

Leonid Ilyich asked for help to security staff. Thus, the daughter almost immediately returned to Moscow. The divorce was finalized immediately, but it didn’t prevent the lovers to meet without a stamp in the passport.
Third husband Brezhneva became major of the armed forces of the USSR Yuri Churbanov. Say, of all legal marriages only that the marriage did not cause complaints from Leonid Ilyich. Career her husband, like other admirers of Galina went up. If not for the extramarital affair that brought dire consequences. Together with his lover Boris Buryatse Galina appeared in the criminal case related to the theft of jewelry. It happened shortly before Brezhnev’s death, it is said, greatly undermined his health.

After the death of his father

After his father’s death, Galina Leonidovna started to abuse alcohol, it said close to her people. Having fallen out of favor of the new government during the reign of Andropov, she was under house arrest. Her husband, incriminating the bribery in especially large amounts, was put in prison. Despite this, under Gorbachev it was possible to win the court and to return the cottage and other gifts of the father that the state was going to confiscate. All of these events combined with alcohol brought Brezhnev to a psychiatric hospital, where she actually spent her last years.

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