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Scientific and technical progress, as you know, moving forward in military technology. It is not surprising that many countries of the world, not in forces independently to invent new breakthrough weapons is trying to steal military equipment to then copy to produce fake. Unfortunately, one of the main victims of this theft was the Soviet Union. No matter what the robbers of intellectual property produced products is considerably inferior to the original in quality, the stealing did not stop.


the Most successful in the world a gun is a AK-47 in its various versions, developed in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The machine was so successful that subsequently, none of the armed conflict on the planet was not without its use. A number of African States as a sign of respect to the weapon even posted his picture on their state flags. Sometimes you can hear the claim that Mikhail Kalashnikov didn’t create the machine, and copied the brainchild of German engineer Hugo Schmeisser. These claims are not consistent because Kalashnikov has absorbed all the best from a variety of types of small arms. At the same time, if the Soviet Union with the facts in hand could prove that the AK – 47 was its intellectual property, a number of countries not once tried to steal the product of Russian gunsmiths cannot do it. Today there are many clones of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, manufactured without permission in Egypt, China, Pakistan and North Korea. However, this is only a paltry forgery, as evidenced by the quality of these machines. Produced in the USSR and then in Russia, the Kalashnikov rifle has a unique durability and reliability in shooting. At the same time, its Chinese and Egyptian fakes laste about 7000 shots become useless due to low quality steel used in the manufacture of trunks. In addition to the illegal counterfeiting the equivalent of the AK-47 under license tried to make the Warsaw Pact countries: Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia. But, to achieve the necessary quality also unable. Despite the fact that all clones of the Kalashnikov assault rifle have their own names, during the fighting the military of different countries still call them AK-47, adding to the manufacturer.


Despite the fact that stealing the AK-47 the most notorious of all abducted from the Soviet Union military technology, military historians know and other high-profile theft of advanced weapons. One of them is theft by China of a sample of the T-62, which was later copied by the engineers of this country. During the infamous battle for damanskii island on the Ussuri river in March 1969 against the Chinese was applied to four of the latest at the time of the T-62. Unfortunately, the Soviet border guards did not know that on the river the Chinese are camouflaged anti-tank battery, expecting that the Russians will use them against tanks. Hardly the Soviet fighting machine appeared from behind the island, as shots rang out of battery. Three tanks managed to retreat to a safe distance to the Soviet Bank of the river. However, the head tank was shot down, left to stand in the neutral zone. Because the military machine was equipped with a large number of classified equipment, the tank tried to pull from the river with the help of the tractor. To no avail. In the end, it was Pronto solution mortar fire to break the ice around the tank, so he sank. Did so. However, the crafty Chinese was sent to trapped at the bottom of the T-62 of its divers. They attached the cables to the tank and slowly pulled him to the coast of the Ussuri river. Within a few months, the Chinese engineers are literally on the cogs studied the Soviet war machine, and a year later adopted by Chinese army was given a new tank WZ-122, which was a complete copy of the T-62. However, as in the case with an AK-47 fake in their tactical and technical characteristics and fighting qualities are significantly inferior to the original.


it is Noteworthy that in the case of the AK-47 to get the Soviet machine, from a practical point of view it is not difficult, and the T-62 got the Chinese as a trophy, in the pursuit of other Soviet military technology of Western countries have at times organized whole special operation. In the midst of the cold war, the Americans and their allies have suddenly realized that the Soviet Union was significantly ahead of them in the technology of motion detection of submarines. This superiority significantly increased the chances of the Soviet Union in case of a possible military conflict. To avoid this, in 1982, was carried out a unique operation of the British Navy by order of the United States by stealing the Polish research vessel of the Soviet secret sonar station. The operations assigned the rather strange name of “Bartender”.

During her implementation of the English submarine sailed under the Polish ship, to a depth of not more than 30 centimeters, so that the periscope almost, not rested in the propeller of the ship. At that time sonar was in the water on a rope. Submarine cable neatly cut with a special cutting device is equipped with a manipulator and quietly seized the rope, which was a device left in neutral water. After completion of hydroacoustic station was transported to the United States. However, despite the fact that the Soviet Union thanks to the actions of scientific and technical intelligence of the West lost a lot of military technology, Soviet spies worked not less effectively. The amount transferred to the Soviet Union military secrets to the West, our country has always been the undisputed leader.

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