The election debate this Monday, has faced five top candidates to head the Government after the elections next Sunday: Pedro Sanchez, of the socialist party; Paul Married, of PP; Albert Rivera, of a Citizen; Paul Churches, of United we Can, and Santiago Abascal, Vox. It is the only one of these features that has taken place during the campaign, which for the first time will last for only eight days. Who has won this meeting?



For informational purposes the survey is already closed the vote

Who you think that wins the debate? Pedro Sanchez 0% Paul Married 0% Albert Rivera 0% Pablo Iglesias 0% Santiago Abascal 0% None 0%

This survey is not scientific, it responds only to the responses of the readers who wish to expose their opinion.

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The reader survey, conducted during the debate, gives as victor Santiago Abascal, with the 35,43% of the votes, followed by Pedro Sanchez, with the 20,34%. In both cases, the mobilization of parties through social networks and applications to encourage the vote in the polls, the media has been key in the results. Pablo Iglesias is placed in third position, with the 19,26% of the votes; Paul Married ends with the support 12,52% and Albert Rivera, with 4.88%. 7.56% of the participants in the survey stated that no candidate can be considered the winner.

The parties have asked their followers more faithful than help their candidate look good in the polls that the media make about who has won the election debate. Both the PSOE as Vox have used their tools of dissemination to claim the vote in the media queries as THE COUNTRY, among others. Added to this, profiles on Facebook and Twitter of different groupings of both parties by encouraging them to participate.


Sánchez, look for the centre in a debate without recourse to the lock Lies and half-truths of the debate The election debate of RTVE, in pictures

“Vote to Santiago Abascal and disseminates to fastidiarles the surveys to the media progres”, he asked Vox in the direct message that has been sent when it has finished the discussion in your channel Telegram, with more than 11,000 followers. The message linked to the survey of the media Catalan the Vanguard, and The Newspaper and of THE COUNTRY. Half an hour after the end of the debate, Santiago Abascal was the winner of these three surveys.

The PSOE has also moved with force to your own, and that Sanchez won in the polls of the media. A page within your own web of the PSOE grouped the queries of Spanish media about which candidate has won the debate. The web encouraged the party’s supporters to vote for Pedro Sanchez in more than two dozen surveys of the national media and regional, among them THE COUNTRY, which has received a large number of visits and votes from this application, as the tools of mediation internal.

The website of the socialist party that calls for a vote in polls in media for Pedro Sanchez as winner of the debate

in Addition, multiple accounts in social networks of local groups and like-minded socialists have spread this page. Also what has made the PSOE through the app for mobile of The Socialist, the official medium of the game for affiliates. Users of this app have received a notification in the midst of the debate to support Sanchez in those surveys.


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