Who was responsible for the deaths Mariarchi companies in Afghanistan

History 25/03/20 Who was responsible for the deaths Mariarchi company in Afghanistan

21 APR 1985 in Afghanistan, in the area of the settlement Maravar and Marabasco gorge had been fighting the 5th separate motorized infantry battalion with detachments of the Mujahideen, which killed a third of the personnel of the first company of the battalion and the fighting unfolded, in which participated 4 battalions, abandoned rescue the 5th omsb.

This event is called “battle of maravar pass”. The name is not entirely accurate, because, fortunately, killed all the men of the company. There is another persistent myth about this tragic episode: the clash occurred during a training RAID. This is not quite true. The solution was fighting.


on 19 April, the commander of the 5th omsb major Terentev made with the commanders of his battalion reconnaissance in the area Marawara. This locality is on the Eastern Bank of the river Kunar in three kilometers from the city of Asadabad. From Marawara to the side of the Afghan-Pakistan border stretches of the gorge, which the Soviet military was called Karavanski. Combat experience the major was absent, therefore, the reconnaissance took place openly, in full view of the locals.

Major Terent’ev decided on the combing of the village Sangam, is located in the depths of the gorge. Intelligence reported that in the village at night, the Mujahideen were exposed for 8 – 10 scouts. The major decided that such a combat mission against the numerous forces of the enemy will be a great training for combat strength of his unit. 5th omsb was recently introduced in Afghanistan and had no combat outputs. It is not surprising that this RAID, it is military for the task, was considered by soldiers and commanders during training.

the next day at 20.00 5th omsb moved from Asadabad and began crossing the Kunar river. The major contribution is already on the March announces the commanders of the 1st and 2nd companies about changing the combat zadania: if you Say the enemy is found, to comb the village Dream. Earlier, in the General setting of the task, capture Didama was not discussed.

the Battalion began movement into Marabasco gorge. On bottom of the ravine was 1st company, which from the heights on both sides of the gorge covered the 2nd and the 3rd company.

By two o’clock of the night 1st company came to the village sang. A company was commanded by captain Nicholas Zebrock. Combed the village. The enemy in it was not. After that, the captain told the officers about the new order of major Terentyev: go to the village Dream, where according to intelligence information, there was a group of Mujahideen and American military instructor. The village should have to sweep and capture, trying not to miss the American.

the 2nd and 3rd companies remained in the Sangam, 1st company goes on alone.

Captain Tsebruk divides his company into 4 groups. 1-I’m going to be combing the village Dream, after it moves the 2nd group. Group 3 stays in the house on the road between Sangam and Garudamon to cover the rear. To cover the 3rd group on the ridge on the South side of captain Tsebruk sends the 4th group.


At five o’clock in the morning the commander of the 1st group reported Cebreco that village were abandoned, the enemy in it, and he ends up combing Doregama.

No Zebrock captain nor the commander of the group were unaware that they watched the Mujahideen, hiding on the slopes of the gorge.

When combing the village ended and the scouts turned back, one part of the Mujahideen descended the slopes, and hit them in the back, and the second part closed the exit from the village to the side of the Sangam.

the Battle in the village Dream

At 5: 00 on the outskirts of the village Dream a fight broke out between the Mujahideen and the 1st and 2nd groups of the 1st company of the battalion. Captain Tsebruk have time to go on the radio and inform the commander of the 5th omsb about the ambush. The captain was killed almost at the beginning of the battle. The commanders of the 3rd and 4th groups took an independent decision to move to Darida to rescue her, however, ran into mortar enemy fire, which forces them to retreat.

Meanwhile, in the village surrounded by the fighters decided to break into the side of the Sangam. It was a completely untried soldiers, for the first time in life caught up in a combat situation. The Mujahideen had more, besides their military experience was not comparable with the experience of our soldiers.

1st and 2nd group systematically destroyed the barrage, the guys were completely demoralized and incapable of making any competent decisions.

By 11 o’clock the battle ended in Dreame. Live from the village managed to get only six fighters.

Our arrived

after Receiving the message Cabruca of the ambush, major Terent’ev ordered the 2nd and 3rd companies to move in the direction of the village Dream, there directs all soldiers of the 5th omsb, which remained at the location of the battalion, grouping them into a consolidated company. In addition, he appealed for help to the commander of the 66th separate motorized rifle brigade. To the side of the gorge was nominated tank platoon, the alarm raised by the entire staff of the 2nd infantry battalion.

the overall company and tanks had to overcome 10 miles through mountainous terrain, therefore, entered into an unequal battle, companies are able to get only one BMP-2, which was supported by fire the retreat of the 3rd and 4th groups of Doregama.

in addition, major was informed about the situation, the command of the 15th separate brigade of special forces. The alarm was raised the 154th separate detachment of special purpose, which was transferred to the area Marabasco gorge by helicopter the next day, April 22. 66-I omsbr sent to the aid of amphibious assault battalion, which arrived just on April 22.

on the Morning of April 22, Sangam and Dream joint actions were exempt from the Mujahideen, all the bodies of our dead were captured from the enemy.


How did it happen that a separate RAID of one of the battalion during the day turned into a full-fledged fighting, which was attended by 4 of the battalion?

Major Terentyev blame tried to shift the deceased captain Abruka, who allegedly took an independent decision about the combing of the village Dream. However, the commander of the 2nd company captain Makarov confirmed that Zebrock received from major Terentyev verbal order to advance further.

Later, military experts, to understand the tragedy Marabasco of the gorge, came to the conclusion that the cause were the actions of major Terentyev. He did not consider any complete lack of combat experience of the soldiers, nor the need to conduct reconnaissance in conditions of secrecy. In addition, he did not coordinate their actions with the gunners, with the commanders of the other parts, which as a result are unable to provide reinforcements. Was made other blunders. All together and caused the deaths of 32 people, 29 of whom were killed in the village Dream.

Major Terentyev and his political officer major Yelets were dismissed from their posts and transferred to military units on the territory of the USSR with the demotion.

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