Why do Afghans believe that the Soviet soldiers are better than American

History 02/03/20 Why Afghans believe that the Soviet soldiers are better than American

Civil war in Afghanistan in which active participation and the Soviet Union, and opposing him powers of NATO, smoldering and still. In the memory of those years when there existed a “limited contingent” of our forces, there were numerous songs, books and movies, as well as the widespread use of the term “shuravi” — which translates from Persian as “Soviet”. Remained among the Afghan Mujahideen and a respect for this most shuravi soldiers honest and noble.

Socialism in Afghanistan

the Soviet Union supported anti-capitalist regimes around the world. In Afghanistan too, it was decided to build socialism and then communism. Official documents and the memoirs of former Mujahideen prove — Soviet specialists have built a lot of roads, pipelines, power plants. In addition to the soldiers, in the country, attended by many civilians from the USSR. In many relatively large cities, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure appeared only with the advent of “shuravi”.

the most loved ordinary Soviet citizens — the poor peasant population. Accustomed to live in poverty, many of them only thanks to the kindness of a soldier from the Soviet Union were able to try the stew and chocolate. And treated “shuravi” to a stranger for them the Afghan population is much better than the Mujahideen. Soviet soldiers never took local residents hostage, do not cover them, retreating was not bombed peaceful settlement than were actively used by Afghan radicals. On the contrary, many of our soldiers died saving the lives of ordinary Afghans, displaying miracles of bravery and earning the respect of enemies.

Russians are better Americans

Today, this phrase can be heard in Afghanistan from virtually any local resident. They all understand that the US goal is not peace, peace and stabalnosti in the Central Asian region. The paradox is that realize that even the most ardent representatives of the Taliban, who were the primary enemies of the Soviet soldiers from 1979 to 1988. Although the movement itself was formed after the Soviet withdrawal, the majority of the participants had a chance to war “shuravi”.

So, one of the field commanders, Sayed Mohammad Akbar Agha, in an interview repeatedly stressed: “the Russians better than Americans. We want friendship with Russia.” And the main reason for such statements is considered moral qualities of the Soviet soldiers and their human attitude to all inhabitants of Afghanistan. Of course, romanticizes the past. And the same Mujahideen in the 1970s and 80s hated the Communists, exposing prisoners to horrible torture and painful death. But almost never received something like that in retaliation is a discipline in the Soviet army was at the height of the looting and torture are not allowed.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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