Why is the KGB accused in the death of the Soviet champion Inga Voronina

Biography 19/03/20 Why the KGB accused in the death of the Soviet champion Inga Voronina

an Outstanding skater Inga Voronina died on 4 January 1966 at the hands of her husband. A seemingly ordinary domestic crime. However, according to relatives of Inga, too many facts in this story point to the fact that the spouse of the sportswoman was the only perpetrator of the murder, and his direction was engaged in KGB.

3-ya Frunzenskaya street

Despite the fact that Inga Voronina by modern standards rather late start to professional sports (at the time she had turned 17 years old), she has achieved great success in this field. In its short life, Voronin not once became the champion of the USSR, the champion and world record holder.

the Personal life of skaters too at first glance turned out to be successful. With her future husband Gennady Voronin, it would seem, brought the case. An outstanding athlete got a room in a two bedroom apartment on the 3rd Frunzenskaya street. Roommate Inga became Voronin, also an athlete-skater.

at First everything seems to be going well. Soon, however, colleagues of the newly made wife began to notice her face bruised. According to relatives of Inga, Voronin has repeatedly threatened his wife, claiming that all of its Laurel wreaths will soon adorn her grave. As argued by coach Boris Tsybin, once Voronin even hit his wife in the face in the presence of other members of the team. In addition to battering, Gennady did not disdain and booze, and random novels on the side. Inga did not dare to break off the relationship, fearing that it would damage her reputation.

a knife in the heart

In late 1965, Inga realized that she had no other choice but to divorce her husband. However, leaving the mother on the eve 1966, she again failed to tell him the truth and assured Gennady that goes to some solemn reception, organized ostensibly for Soviet athletes. Only via steamthe days she gave the wife a note that asked him to go to the Chairman of the sports Committee over a separate one-bedroom apartments.

January 4, Voronin appeared on the doorstep of the mother of Inga under the pretext of a Frank conversation with his wife. At that moment in the room were a mother, a grandmother, a sister and brother Voronina. Inga invited her husband to go into the room. Gennady remained silent. Inga finally said: “Say something or I’ll go.” In Voronin’s hand flashed a knife. The shot hit exactly in the heart. After a few minutes the champion was dead.

Strange and beloved of the court of Sweden

the Suspicion that this murder is not an ordinary domestic crime, crept close to her during the trial. Thanks brother Voronina, who carefully recorded on film all the material, a large amount of information has reached to the present days. At the time of the murder could easily be sentenced to death. However, judging by the pictures of documents, Gennady Voronin received a total of 10 years, of which at the conclusion, he was only 2 years.

in addition, one of my colleagues Inga skating Nadezhda Titova recalled that the trial Voronin was more like the judgment seat, and tried not Gennady and Inga. The head of the celebrated athlete had been exposed to dirt: it was suspected in the cheating spouse, which, however, confirm failed. Meanwhile, the killer, on the contrary, tried to justify in all possible ways. He Voronin insisted on what was at the time the crime was committed in the heat of passion, but 20-theantimicrobial knife he always carried with him in order to sharpen pencils.

it is Noteworthy that shortly before meeting with Voronin, Inga, then still bore the name Artamonova, at competitions abroad met Swedish athlete and often spent time with him. She returned home, but forget the Swede could not. Even Inga was going to leave the USSR, just to be near her beloved. She once admitted mAtari: “If I was told that can be easily overcome, I would have gone to Sweden on foot!” However, according to relatives, the KGB warned the skater that she did not commit reckless. Soon Inge and gave the ill-fated room on the 3rd Frunzenskaya street, where he lived Gennady Voronin. By the way, the house settled exclusively of members of the sports society “Dynamo” and the KGB.

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